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    Superior Nutrient Support for Kickstarting and Maintaining Ketosis

    • 2 min read

    The rave on the internet, in healthcare and nutrition circles, is the phenomenal benefits of Nutritional Ketosis. Vince Gironda, Ray Raridon, and Ron Kosloff have been teaching and educating their customers and clients about this for over forty years. Their product line included a fat-burning recipe ( Fat Burn: The Lipotropic Formula) and was used to help bodybuilders cut superfluous body fat to promote cosmetic bodybuilding. This product was created 40 years ago and should give you an idea of how long ago we knew about ketosis and the benefits of eating fats to burn fat.

    Nutritional Secret To Success

    The keys to segue to nutritional ketosis and initiating ketogenesis are the nutrients that are the support structure for this metabolic pathway. Whether you are trying to initiate ketogenesis or want to maintain ketosis, these superior micronutrients are the clues to success! Proven effective throughout the years, they will facilitate the chemistry of the body to stimulate ketogenesis and maintain it while causing a holt to glycolysis (with insulin control via diet changes).

    Learn the jewels and gems of eating ketosis; start the diet that will revolutionize your workout performance; feel the best you have ever felt before and stop all the carb cravings.  Do not start this wonderful, life-changing diet without using the product that started it all!! We pulled it all together 40 years ago. Optimize Your Success and Ultra Burn Fat Trim Down 3000… The ultimate nutritional support for a ketogenic diet.

    NSP Nutrition Burn Fat Formula mci injection

    Benefits of Ultra Burn Fat Trim Down 3000:

    1. Kickstarts ketogenesis and maintains ketosis
    2. Helps curb your appetite by increasing satiety
    3. Helps with intermittent fasting
    4. Decrease carbohydrate cravings
    5. Helps you detox your GI and blood from overeating
    6. Improves mental clarity, and
    7. Upticks physical prowess and stamina
    8. Neuroprotective properties and mood stabilization
    9. Require substantially less food per day
    10. Improve muscle building with less recovery time

    For the most effective results, I encourage you to view NSP’s Milk and Egg Protein 92%, Ultimate Hormone Optimizer Multi-glandulars, Beef Liver and Amino Acids for nutritional support and assistance when using the Fat Burn Formula – they will work synergistically to keep you on track and focused.

    Thank you for viewing and reading our Blog.  Please give us your feedback…

    In Superior Health,

    Derrick Smith RN, BSN

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