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6 Week Abdominal Course by Vince Gironda

6 Week Abdominal Course by Vince Gironda

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There are more misconceptions concerning the abdominals than any other body part. 

Many fitness-enthusiasts believe that if you want a tiny waist and a chiseled six-pack, then you should train the abdominals every day.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

A little-known fact is that the abdominals should be trained exactly like any other muscle in the body.

However, for best results, it’s crucial you pay very close attention to exercise selection…

The majority of popular abdominal exercises don’t provide enough stimulation to the abs, and may even increase the chance of overtraining.

In this book, Vince dispels the most common myths concerning abdominal training and shares the most effective abdominal exercises he uncovered from years of experimentation.

Although this book was written over 50 years ago, you will notice many of the myths he reveals are still commonplace in gyms today. 

Therefore, this book will give you the upper hand when it comes to abdominal training, and when combined with the nutrition advice provided, will enable you to sculpt a deeply cut mid-section without risking injury to your spine. 

In this book, you will discover: - 

  • Why you should NEVER do daily ‘high-rep’ abdominal routines 
  • Vince’s favorite ‘fat-burning’ supplements 
  • How many sets are enough? 
  • Why you DON’T need to count sets and reps…
  • Why the two most popular abdominal exercises are USELESS…
  • The unpopular truth about abdominal slant boards
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