7 Nuggets of Physique-Transforming Wisdom From The Iron Guru

7 Nuggets of Physique-Transforming Wisdom From The Iron Guru

Did you know Vince Gironda aka ‘The Iron Guru’ wrote over 15 books on training, nutrition, and supplementation?

Once considered hard-to-find, they’re now all reasonably priced and available to buy on the NSP store (both physical and digital copies available). 

Vince’s books give a fascinating insight into the training and nutrition of the Golden Age of bodybuilding. Many of the methods you will discover can still be used today in order to help build muscle and achieve brilliant levels of definition.

A deep dive into Vince’s library reveals the source of popular bodybuilding exercises and routines still used today.

As well as providing further insight into his library of exercises, Vince also wrote books outlining his full training routines, which he used to build many competition-winning physiques. 

The exercises and training protocols worked amazingly well back then, and they’ll continue to do so now… 

Making them ideal for anyone who needs some fresh training ideas, or who wants to discover more about the history of bodybuilding. 

In this blog post, we’ve been through some of his most popular work and extracted a little nugget from each one for you to enjoy… 

Hopefully you’ll find something useful to better your training, nutrition, and physique goals!


Unleashing The Wild Physique

“I am often asked what ''burns" are since I recommend them: They are the addition of 3-4 half or quarter reps at the end of a set of exercise. 

The motion involved is usually only 2-3 inches (5-8 cm). The idea is to maximize the pump before ending the set. 

Actually, not every exercise should be concluded with burns. You have to work it out for yourself. 

Go by the feel of the movement. Ideal exercises to use burns on are Scott curls, calf raises, chins, and dips.

You probably wouldn't find them useful at the end of a set of bench presses, deadlifts, or squats. However, if you feel there's a benefit , you can give it a try on more exercises than you can imagine.”

“The Bodybuilding Bible. Vince Gironda is simply magnificent. Known for his legendary gruff demeanor, Gironda represented all that is true in bodybuilding. Much of his knowledge and experience is shared in this book.”


​(Paul R.)



Vince Gironda's Blueprint for Body Builders

“Take 2 desiccated liver tablets every hour for 3 days and watch your measurements grow.

I put one inch on my arm measurement without any extra workouts.”

“Great read, very interesting and informative... I have this book, it's fantastic, very informative, and great to understand how the great man Vince Gironda advised on building muscle. This is a must-read!”


​(James E.)



Balanced Arms

“A specialization program such as this requires you to work honestly (concentrate) to the best of your ability.

It also requires you to cut back on the rest of your program by one-half!”



6-Week Bulk Course

“Many people are under the misconception that almost any exercise makes muscles grow larger and stronger. 

That's not true. 

Back in 1925, German scientists discovered that to acquire large muscles you must increase the intensity of work done within a given time. 

That means that it doesn't matter how much work you do. 

What counts is how fast you do it. 

This discovery has come to be known as the overload principle.”

“I've tried many different routines but saw the best results using this one from Vince. He was a man ahead of his time. This is a good investment in your health, especially if you're looking for noticeable gains. I'm 57 and work out just to stay fit. My coworkers even noticed I'm looking more trim and fit. And my wife loves it too!”


​(Scott S.)



6-Week Abdominal Course 

“The first thing to correct is your workout tempo. 

Step it up. 

DO NOT rest between sets until your breathing slows down to normal. 

Push yourself into the next set and you will find that you can do it!  

But, instead of panting for breath, HYPERVENTILATE. 

Which means to breathe slowly and very deeply through your pursed lips.

This method of breathing oxygenates the blood and enables you to workout with much less rest between sets. 

This cardiovascular stimulation is a fat emulsifier. 

Abdominal exercise in itself is not a subcutaneous fat emulsifier, but a high cardiovascular workout tempo is.”

 “...A great course and well worth the money. I have already ordered more from NSP.”


​(Randy L.)



How I Train Movie Stars

“When the studios send me a star to train they never give me a comfortable amount of time. 

It’s usually ten days to two weeks, yet they expect me to produce miracles, which I seem to achieve. 

Now, I am stuck with the fact that I must produce this phenomena in every case to keep getting this lucrative business. 

The course that follows is the same one the stars pay thousands of dollars to perform under my supervision here at Vince's Gym.”


Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin

“Abdominal work should never be employed by slow gainers and should never be used to remove fat as it cannot do this. 

Abdominal work only builds muscle.  

Nutrition and fast workouts only can reduce fat tissue.”

“An amazing booklet with some of the most effective exercises ever developed! Just awesome!”


(Rudolph W.)


Just The Tip Of The Iceberg... 

The tips extracted for this blog post only represent a tiny fraction of the content found in Vince’s books. 

Not only does each book contain significantly more mouth-watering content than this blog disclosed…

But there are still a further 8 books we didn’t even tap into!

These books include the Pro-Series of Nutritional BodybuildingWhy Do Champions Muscles Look Different?, and of course, Vince’s detailed instructions of the Sissy Squat.

If you want to browse Vince’s full library of work and uncover more training, nutrition, and supplement gems to help you transform your physique, then be sure to check out the NSP store today.


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An awesome article on Vince’s work! Which one would you recommend to purchase? I have balanced arms and the blueprint ones already.

Liam Berryman

Thoroughly impressed!! Total fan of Vince Gironda, since the early 80’s! Thanks for sharing his wisdom.. greatly appreciated!!!

Steve Parducci

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