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    Balanced Arms by Vince Gironda

    Bigger arms are the most desired physical quality of all guys.

    Unsatisfied with other training resources on arm development, Vince reveals the training and nutrition protocol he uses with the guys in his gym to maximize their biceps, triceps, and forearm size.

    In order to fully develop the arms, you need to have a complete understanding of the muscle function. 

    Vince understood the exact functions of the arm muscles and determined the precise exercises in order to ensure the muscle was appropriately hit from all angles. 

    Since not paying attention to proper nutrition may run the risk of muscle loss, Vince completes this book with the exact nutrition guidelines you will need to follow if you want the best results from training. 

    In this book, you will discover:- 


    • 13 brand new tips on achieving maximal arm growth 
    • What to do on your ‘off’ days to increase arm size by 15%
    • What you should NEVER do when you mix protein…
    • What you should NEVER mix with your protein…
    • Bodybuilder’s favorite meal for building muscle and stripping body fat
    • The real major cause of cholesterol...and it isn’t from eating a high-fat diet!
    • The discovery by German scientists that reveals the secret for growing large muscles

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