Redmond Real Sea Salt


Swap Your Traditional Table Salt For This Healthy Alternative

The warnings you’ve read about minimizing your salt intake for the sake of your health, all pertain to traditional table salt i.e. sodium chloride. 

Table salt is heavily refined, devoid of minerals, loaded with additives, and can result in health abnormalities, such as high blood pressure, when consumed in large quantities. 

But salt hasn’t always been this way.

Whereas modern-day salt has been stripped of minerals and has very little nutritional value…

Natural salt is rich in minerals, which are involved in many crucial bodily functions, including: 

  • Water regulation via maintaining electrolyte balance
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Maintaining healthy muscular contractions and preventing cramps
  • Strengthening the musculoskeletal system 
  • Maintaining a healthy nervous system

Since the modern-day diet is lacking in nutritional value, increasing your daily mineral intake can positively impact your health, giving you more energy and improved bodyweight control.

Allow us to introduce one of the finest sources of natural salt on the planet...

Redmond Sea Salt

Redmond seal is harvested from an underground salt deposit in Utah, left behind by an ancient sea. 

Unlike traditional table salt, it’s completely unrefined, and contains over 60 naturally-occuring trace minerals, which all play important roles in maintaining the body’s health.

As the salt deposit is underground, it has natural protection from pollutants, and it contains no chemicals, contaminants, or additives, 

Due to the presence of other minerals, real sea salt does not have the same negative health effects as table salt, making it perfect for any health-conscious individual seeking a healthy alternative.