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Vince's Corner

Vince's Corner

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Vince’s corner is a collection of popular articles published in the magazines of the Weider publications. 

They provide a full and detailed description of key areas of bodybuilding, primarily concerning exercises, mindset, and training systems for maximal muscle growth. 

Also included is a very detailed section on posing, and how to maximize your stage presence in front of the judges at bodybuilding contests.

Whilst many people remember Vince for his muscle-building methods, many forget that he was also an expert at helping bodybuilders displaying their physique in the most flattering and visually appealing manner possible.

Despite being written 30 years ago, the tips revealed in this book will help many of today’s young and aspiring bodybuilders achieve greatness in the gym and on stage.

By his own admission, Vince uncovered many shortcuts in bodybuilding for building muscle and openly shares them in the articles featured in Vince’s Corner.

It is no surprise that his incredible knowledge of bodybuilding made him a highly sought after coach by many elite-level bodybuilders and Hollywood superstars. 

In this book, you will discover: - 

  • What you MUST do the moment you step out of the gym
  • The parts of your body that need maximum concentration
  • Vince’s unique approach to achieving maximum concentration in the gym
  • The training course to AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  • The ‘forgotten-about’ workout system for complete muscle growth
  • The 2 things you need to successfully develop a muscle
  • The maximum number of sets you need for a maximum pump
  • How to enlarge the rib care for a bigger chest
  • How to properly perform bench presses so they build your chest and NOT your triceps
  • The muscle ‘accidentally built’ by men doing dips 
  • How to build MASSIVE biceps
  • What to do if you can’t do full chin-ups
  • New Ways To Shock The Lats And Other Muscles Into Growth
  • What you must NEVER do in between sets
  • The popular exercise that is a waste of time for abdominal development
  • Why Vince didn’t like squats and what he preferred bodybuilders do instead
  • Why Vince didn’t train legs for the first 5 years of his training
  • Vince’s formula for growing stubborn calves

Personally selected, up-to-date information on all phases of muscle building, diet, posing and over 40 revealing photos.


Personally selected, up-to-date information on all phases of muscle building, diet, posing and over 40 revealing photos. In this book Vince Gironda has gathered together a series of articles that touch upon the many phases of bodybuilding. This informative collection will give you the most advanced methods of solving your problems that can be found today. This comes from the extensive experimentation Vince made with every training routine he ever advocated.

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