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How I Train The Movie Stars by Vince Gironda

How I Train The Movie Stars by Vince Gironda

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The second photo depicts the actual Physical copy that arrives.

As someone who had experience training 1000+ movie stars, Vince Gironda was the person to speak to about getting in shape quickly. 

In fact, he was often limited to just 2 weeks to help an actor get in shape. 

In many cases, it was as little as 10 days.

The aim of the actor isn’t to maximally develop their muscle size…

But rather create a natural, trim, and athletic look. 

Fortunately, this was Vince’s specialty and something he was capable of helping them achieve in a very short period of time. 

In How I Train The Movie Stars by Vince Gironda, he outlines the full program that movie stars paid him thousands of dollars to perform in his gym. 

And now you can follow it for just a mere fraction of the price. 

Yes, this is a brutally challenging training and nutrition regime, How I Train The Movie Stars by Vince Gironda is divided into 2 phases.

In phase 1, you will cleanse and detoxify the body… 

In phase 2, you will make a significant switch to your training and nutrition and focus on building maximum shape.

It’s certainly not a program that should be followed by everyone…

But if you need to get in shape quickly…

And have the mental and physical capability to get through the entire program…

Then How I Train The Movie Stars by Vince Gironda will deliver the most rapid results you have ever experienced.

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