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Supplementation is important but a full understanding of your cholesterol, hormones, and everything else.
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When it came to losing fat, he (Vince) was a firm believer that the fault lay in your diet and not the amount of exercise you were getting. The Iron Guru was the first person to believe that ‘your success in bodybuilding is determined by 85 percent nutrition’

When you reach your 40’s and 50’s and beyond and none of it seems to have any effect on you and your results are never what you want, what then? What do you do? How do you find what will work best in YOUR life and why you should care?

Let me tell you a story...

The product, Burn Fat Gain Muscle has been discontinued and replaced by Burn Fat Trim Down – 3000. The Burn Fat Trim Down – 3000 is just as good as the Burn Fat Gain Muscle and sells at a cheaper price! So if you were looking for the Burn Fat Gain Muscle try to the […]

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Vince’s Bulletins, Course’s and other Books are now available in digital PDF format. All the books now have a Digital and Printed ‘buy’ button, just shop as you normally would on the Training Books & DVD page, choosing the form you want; Digital (PDF) form or Printed. The PDF book(s) you order will be sent […]

  • 1 min read, NSP Research Nutrition’s official website has been completely redesigned! The general hierarchy is largely the same, but the obvious look has been transformed, pages have been curated and the code has been cleaned to make the site smoother and easier to navigate. Articles show up right here on the homepage via scribd, making them […]

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