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    Vince Gironda Q&A Seminar Vol. 4

    I’ve filmed this video to correct hearsay, myths, lies & misconceptions concerning Vince, his teachings, beliefs & philosophies!

    Some people will state that he contradicted himself throughout his manuals! No, this is not the case: fact is, Vince had an IQ of above genius, so he mistakingly assumed you understood what he was talking about. This is probably a trait of brilliant people such as Vince. He once said to me, ?You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? Oh yes, But it took me a long time! Although Vince’s knowledge was infinite, he admittedly was not a very good writer — so be it! As I’ve always written & said Vince Gironda had the most brilliant mind bodybuilding has & will ever see again. Furthermore he created & possessed the greatest natural ripped & shaped physique in history! He wrote 17 monumental publications that encompassed all aspects of bodybuilding from gaining size, defining, specialization, nutrition, philosophy, the mental aspect, creating an illusion, kinesiology, endocrine function, glandular theories, thyroid function, muscle confusion & more gifts given to natural body building than anyone. He never won a major title as his shape & definition was not in vogue in Vince’s era! We have accumulated over 75+ questions & I hope that I personally can answer any question you might have in a comprehensive & communicating manner which you will understand! Thank you to each & every person that was part of this seminar! I can’t tell you what this means to Vince & Myself!

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