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    Vince Gironda Exercises: Volume 1 (Download)

    This is a digital download in MP4 format.


    The late Vince Gironda, aka "The Iron Guru," was one of bodybuilding's most-influential personalities and one of the greatest physique trainers of all-time. Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia, trained at Vince's Gym. Mohamed Makkaway, one of the greatest IFBB pros of the '80s, also trained with Vince. So too did countless other bodybuilding champions, movies stars, and enthusiasts who walked through the door of his gym, or purchased his courses through mail-order. For 55 years Vince lived and breathed bodybuilding, establishing methods and principles that are still unsurpassed today. For the first time ever, you can see them demonstrated and not just read about them in books. "The Vince Gironda Exercises: Vol. 1" was shot on location at Pendulum Revolutionary Fitness in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in November 2004. It features over twenty of Vince Gironda's most famous exercises, including: the Gironda Dip, neck press, flat-bench flies, Perfect Curl, 45-degree pulley pull, cable rows, racing-dive rows, and many more. Ron Kosloff -- one of Vince Gironda's friends for 25 years and the only person in the world authorized to sell Vince Gironda's courses -- made the trip to Waterloo, Canada to help shoot this video. Ron is an expert on Gironda's exercises and was instrumental in the shooting of this video to ensure accuracy of the movements. In the video Ron instructs Chantal Dicaire and Justin Cowley. Chantal is a beautiful, all-natural, Canadian national champion from Quebec, Canada. She's already been training for two years using Gironda's techniques and has created herself an absolutely killer body. Justin is a Canadian, top-ranked natural bodybuilder from Ontario, Canada. Both of them are shown demonstrating each movement. Doug Schneider, who runs this board, directed and shot one of the cameras. The other camera was operated by Brett DeHaan, a veteran of bodybuilding videography.

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