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Cytozyme (Serrapeptase Nattokinase)

Reduce Joint Pain And Accelerate Healing By Lowering Inflammation And Increasing Blood Flow

Cytozyme comprises of the powerful enzymes ‘Serrapeptase’ and ‘Nattokinase’.

These enzymes may assist your training goals by lowering inflammation and supporting joint health. 

They can also be helpful for helping to speed up recovery time following injury. 



Serrapeptase is obtained from silkworm’s digestive system.

It works as a proteolytic enzyme, meaning it breaks down protein and is used to dissolve the silkworm’s cocoon. 

In humans, it may support joint health by lowering inflammation levels and pain. 


Nattokinase is an enzyme produced during the fermentation ofNattō.

Like serrapeptase, it is also proteolytic, which specifically targets fibrin - a protein involved in blood clotting. 

However, excessive fibrin can block blood flow, which can increase swelling and discomfort. 

Nattokinase may be able to aid recovery by breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood flow, which can reduce pain and swelling.

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