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Vince Gironda's Blueprint for Body Builders

Vince Gironda's Blueprint for Body Builders

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Vince Gironda’s Blueprint for the Bodybuilder is a collection of his most powerful nutrition and supplement secrets for sculpting your physique. 

Written by the Iron Guru himself, this stockpile of mouth-watering secrets was accumulated over nearly 50 years and used to create a staggering number of bodybuilding champions…

The advice given is easy to implement and will help you to instantly transform your body. 

Broken up into 3 sections, the book delivers practical advice for people who want to grow muscle, lose body fat, and finally, for those who want to achieve maximum definition.

The advice dispensed in this book has been subject to vigorous experimentation by Vince himself and used with countless bodybuilders out of his own gym. 

Now you can get a deep insight into his teachings and discover what’s necessary to build and shape a competition-winning physique. 

In this book, you will discover: - 

  • Vince’s ‘Scrabble’ recipe for muscle growth
  • The reason for mid-morning fatigue and how to cure it
  • The origin of the ‘why eggs cause heart attacks’ myth
  • A simple cooking method to eat organ meats if you can’t stand the taste
  • Which animal liver to avoid
  • The ‘Wonder Energy Food’ that will maximize your energy, muscle growth, and recovery 
  • Foods for maximum glandular function 
  • The downside to eating protein and carbohydrates together…
  • Hormone ‘precursor’ nutrients
  • The nutrient deficiency that can result in a loss of sexual desire
  • The nutrient combination to kickstart and detoxify a sluggish liver
  • The food high in natural iodine to boost thyroid function
  • Why you must avoid a low-fat diet if you want to stay healthy
  • The foods that deplete B-Vitamins and lead to increased bloating and weight gain
  • The supplement you absolutely MUST take if you smoke
  • 14 ‘vitamin destroyers’ that lower the nutrient quantity of your food
  • How Vince’s added 1-inch on his arms with no extra training and how you can do the same muscle (liver tablets)
  • What you must do after each meal to ensure you properly digest your food
  • European weight-gaining trick that had added 40 pounds to Vince’s students
  • What you must do every 6 months if you want to continue absorbing nutrients for building muscle
  • A breakfast recipe that will give you SIX HOURS of energy
  • The one thing that ALL the strongest men in history have done…
  • What to do if you suffer from feeling full and/or gas after eating
  • What to take to reduce your desire for salt and how it increases endurance, enthusiasm, and a ‘lack of going stale’ in training
  • Why you hit a weight loss plateau every 4-6 weeks and Vince’s protocol that allows you to smash through it
  • The MAXIMUM DEFINITION diet plan - NOT for the faint-hearted!
  • The essential supplement list for the maximum definition plan

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