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Unleashing The Wild Physique by Vince Gironda

Unleashing The Wild Physique by Vince Gironda

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Written 44 years after opening his world-famous Vince’s Gym, ‘Unleashing The Wild Physique’ is a collection of Vince Gironda’s thoughts concerning every aspect of bodybuilding culture.

From training and nutrition, all the way to steroids and women’s bodybuilding, Vince leaves no stone unturned. 

Unlike many training texts that have been written purely on theory and speculation, Vince’s training philosophies have been molded from years of experience in the gym, and much trial and error. 

Vince’s attitude towards bodybuilding is very much a dying one. 

Rather than being concerned with building as much size as possible, Vince believed bodybuilding should be about creating the most aesthetically pleasing physique possible. 

So whilst large muscles were important, it should never be at the expense of shape and symmetry, which he reveals to great extent within ‘Unleashing The Wild Physique’. 

A common misconception is that Vince was only interested in the high-level competitive bodybuilder, but by his own admission, nothing could be further from the truth. 

He was interested in every bodybuilder, novice and pro, young and old, male and female. 

So whether you are just starting out on your bodybuilding career, or you have several decades of training under your belt, then this book contains valuable information that will help you succeed.  

In this book, you will discover: - 

  • Why Vince’s Gym was the BEST bodybuilding gym in the world
  • What Vince really thought about weight machines
  • What Vince expected from a bodybuilder who came to visit him for the first time
  • The 12 reasons Vince would kick someone out of his gym
  • Do your genetics matter really?
  • The truth about sets and reps for building muscle
  • Why Vince would cross his legs when performing seated dumbbell curls
  • How to maximize your muscle pump
  • Vince’s RAW opinion on steroids in bodybuilding
  • The best food for building muscle
  • What is the ‘perfect’ physique?
  • Who trains harder, men or women?
  • The most common and counterproductive pitfall in bodybuilding
  • What clothes to wear in the gym
  • Technique for the top 12 bodybuilding exercises
  • The exact formula a hard-gainer should follow to build muscle
  • The secret method champions use that separates them from the rest
  • The ideal length of a workout
  • What Vince thought about an ‘all meat’ diet
  • Vince’s famous ‘Hormone Precursor’ diet
  • The ONLY time Vince recommended fasting and how to do it properly
  • Which supplements to take for maximum muscle, shape, and definition
  • Optimal training strategies for every single muscle group in the body
  • How to make your muscles pop out with your posing routine
  • How old is ‘too old’ to be a bodybuilder
  • The routines of some of the greatest bodybuilders to ever train at Vince’s Gym like - Larry Scott & Lou Ferrigno
  • How to SMASH your way out of a training rut
  • The long list of Hollywood stars Vince trained and the exact routine he gave them

The Wild Physique is the best of Vince Gironda's work.  Vince "Iron Guru" has been training bodybuilders and celebrities since the 1940s from his gym in Studio City CA since the 1940s till the mid-90s. The Wild Physique tells the stories of Vince working with the famous bodybuilders and celebrities like Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Carl Weathers, Clint Eastwood and more. You will also find the outline to his 8x8 workout plan and his various diet plans like the Steak and Eggs diet and the 36 eggs a day diet. 

This book is available as a digital PDF download. 


The one and only Vince Gironda - the "Iron Guru" - world-renowned trainer of the greatest physique stars for over 50 years - presents the most revolutionary and innovative diets and muscle exercise techniques ever published.

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