The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin - 1st Edition


One of the reasons beginners struggle to build muscle and an aesthetically pleasing physique is because they overcomplicate their workouts and try to emulate the training performed by elite-level champions. 

In his workout bulletin, Vince Gironda lays out the best exercises for each muscle group as well as very precise instructions on how to perform them. 

In addition, he also details the exact sets and rep structure than a beginner should follow in their quest for bigger muscles and a stronger physique. 

Put the highly complex bodybuilding routines to one side, and go back to basics with the Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin - an absolute must-read for all beginners. 

In this book, you will discover: - 

  • The exact number of reps and sets a beginner should start with
  • The ONLY exercises a beginner should do
  • The muscle group a ‘slow gainer’ should NEVER train
  • The 2 things do you NEED to lose fat
  • The MINIMUM number of reps you should use to grow your calves
  • How frequently you should increase the weight
  • The precise number of seconds a single rep in the barbell curl should take 
  • The perfect exercise for a beginner to grow their pecs
  • What you must NEVER do during the dumbbell lateral raise

The second photo depicts the actual Physical copy that arrives.