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The Vince Gironda File Volume II

The Vince Gironda File Volume II

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The Vince Gironda File Volume II is the second installment of the Vince Gironda Files that dives deeper into Vince’s locker of training and nutritional wisdom. 

Compared to Vol. 1, The Vince Gironda File Volume II gives you a much deeper understanding of Vince Gironda as a person and more insight into his awe-inspiring gym - the training place of many bodybuilding champions, and famous Hollywood actors. 

Included in The Vince Gironda File Volume II are his revered articles on Marijuana and Steroid Use, originally published in Iron Man magazine in the 1970s. 

Once again, Vince demonstrates his incredible knowledge of bodybuilding, from training, nutrition, mindset, supplement, and drug use. 

The Vince Gironda File Volume II book concludes with a ‘Letters to Vince’ section, which publishes questions written to him by fans, and his responses. You’ll notice that Vince doesn’t mince his words and likes to get straight the point! 

By immersing yourself in Vince’s unique ideas and concepts, and you can be sure you’ll stimulate new results when you next step foot in the gym. 

In The Vince Gironda File Volume II book, you will discover:

  • The most overworked muscle in the human body
  • How Vince managed to appear 6 foot tall...despite only being 5’2
  • Vince’s favorite ab exercise 
  • The exact exercises you need to create the appearance of wide shoulders, a trim waist, and long legs
  • Why marijuana is wrecking your health and body composition
  • The supplement Vince believed should be added to all vitamin formulas for improving skin health and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • The BEST thing you can do when you’re stressed
  • If you train THIS muscle, then you’ll stop all muscle growth
  • 39 common errors in bodybuilding (many are commonplace in gyms all over the world today)
  • Why Vince believed running was disastrous for people wishing to gain size and shape
  • The diet Vince used to drop 7 inches off his waist and lose 27 pounds
  • Why Vince didn’t like workout partners
  • What Champions NEVER do with weights in the gym
  • The number ONE source of protein
  • The exercise Vince believed was utterly worthless for shoulder development
  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Diet
  • The 2 foods that reign supreme for building muscle
  • What to do after each meal to maximize your digestion
  • A little-known health benefit of consuming desiccated beef liver
  • How desiccated beef liver helps to improve endurance
  • The only reason you should miss a workout 
  • The vitamin that will give your muscles better definition
  • The myths about eggs and cholesterol
  • The 3 foods Vince ate that enabled him to train hard and achieve the best results of his life
  • The one situation in which Vince thought steroids were appropriate
  • Which food is a fantastic alternative to steroids
  • Which muscles you should train first on hot days
  • Which muscle you should always train before thighs…
  • The secret workout schedule of guys preparing for a contest…
  • Vince’s 19” arm formula
  • Why you should never work beyond a maximum pump
  • Which exercise should match your bench press
  • The problem that both overweight AND underweight people suffer from...and how to fix it
  • When you should and shouldn’t eat a vegetarian diet
  • The exercise you must AVOID if you want a narrow waist
  • The exercise discovered by the Russians that stimulate overall muscle growth
  • The most popular gym exercise that top bodybuilders NEVER do…
  • How to overcome a sagging chest in later life
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