NSP Nutrition Show: Episode #6 Discover How To Bring Up Weak Body Parts And Arman’s Nutrition Strategies For Maximal Muscle Growth!

Welcome To Episode #6 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman and Frank discuss how you can design your training to bring up weak and lagging body parts.


Also, Arman shares his favorite nutrition strategies for maximal muscle growth! 


You can check out the video or audio only version of the episode below: 




In this episode, you will discover: - 


  • The 3 reasons why certain muscle groups lag behind others and how to prevent this

  • 7 powerful methods to spark new growth into non-responsive muscle groups

  • Arman’s secret ‘body reading’ trick for building muscle

  • 2 essential nutrients to make your muscles bigger and stronger

  • Why you must NEVER exclude fat from your diet if your goal is to grow your muscles

  • The biggest nutritional mistake guys make when trying to build muscle and how to avoid it

  • Arman’s supplement for additional muscle gains that any guy can do quickly, easily, and cheaply!
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