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Why Do Champions' Muscles Look Different? by Vince Gironda

Why Do Champions' Muscles Look Different? by Vince Gironda

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‘Why Do Champions Muscles Look Different’ is a deep and fascinating insight from Vince Gironda into what separates champions from the average gym-goer.

Whilst many would think that a champion’s success is purely down to their genetics, that is only half of the equation.

During the 48-year reign of Vince's Gym, he noted that what really separates a champion is their mindset and their attitude towards training, nutrition, and recovery.

Therefore, even if you haven’t been blessed with great genetics, you are still capable of building an incredible physique if you adopt the right mindset.

In this book, Vince's Gironda reveals the champions' secrets...

And tells you exactly what you need to do in order to level the playing field...

Enabling you to start building muscle size and shape so you can begin transforming your body 
into a thing of beauty.

In this book, you will discover -

  • What is the bodybuilder’s own worst enemy?

  • Why changing your workouts around constantly Is NOT the answer for building and shaping your body (and what to do instead)

  • The FIRST rule of good health

  • What do ALL great champions have in common that allows them to use their nerve energy force to its maximum?
  • The BEST exercises to target certain parts of each muscle
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