NSP Weight Lifting Belt


When you lift heavy weights off the floor or perform heavy squats, it’s essential to maximize intra-abdominal pressure to support your spine and successfully complete the lift.

This is achieved by inhaling deeply into your abdomen so it expands, and contracting your core muscles as hard as possible.

Our lifting belts help you to maximize intra-abdominal pressure by lightly squeezing your abdomen, so you have something to ‘push’ your core out against when you inhale.

By doing so, you’ll generate even more tension in your core muscles than a beltless lift, which not only helps support your lower back, but also gives you an added strength boost.

If you lift heavy weights, a lifting belt is highly recommended for keeping your spine safe.

Our belts come in 4 sizes: -

  • Small - 36 inches
  • Medium - 40 inches
  • Large - 44 inches
  • XL - 48 inches