NSP Gym Duffle


Would Superman Carry His Outfit In A Carrier Bag?

You take pride in your gym clothes, right?

It’s like your ‘superhero uniform’...

Slipping into your training attire gets you fired up and ready to lift some heavy iron…

It makes you feel stronger.

It makes you feel powerful.

Just like a superhero.

But what kind of superhero transports their uniform in an old, ugly, and worn-out gym bag that stinks of sweat??

None that we know of.

So NSP Nutrition developed a highly affordable and high quality gym bag for serious weight training enthusiasts…

Who want to feel like superheroes when they step in the gym.

It has plenty of space for your workout shoes, gym clothes, and lifting belt…

Plus additional compartments for your training accessories, such as chalk and lifting straps…

As well as space for your post-workout essentials, like protein shaker, towel and wash bag.

So now you can chuck away your battered and sweat-stained gym bag that’s falling apart at the seams…

And get your hands on a brand new NSP Gym Duffle Bag TODAY.