NSP Nutrition Show #17: How To Determine How Much Muscle Mass You Can Put On Naturally And The Importance Of Nutrient Timing

Welcome To Episode #17 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Frank and Arman discuss how you can determine your natural ceiling for muscle growth.

Plus, the guys also discuss the importance of nutrient timing for making gains.

You can check out the video or audio only version of the episode below:



In this episode, you will discover: -


  • How Arman discovered his natural muscle building potential

  • Which genetic factors determine how much muscle you can build

  • The formula you can use to determine your own muscle building capabilities

  • What is nutrient timing and how it can help you and your training

  • The factors you must consider with nutrient timing

  • Arman’s ‘bedtime’ nutrition strategy

  • The truth about calorie intake and recovery
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