NSP Nutrition Show #14: Discover How To Use Your Own Insulin For Optimal Body Composition And The Raw Truth About Low Glycemic Carbs

Welcome To Episode #14 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman and Frank discuss how you can use your body’s own insulin production to optimize muscle growth.

Plus, the guys discuss different types of carbohydrates and whether low glycemic carbs are actually better than high glycemic carbs.

You can check out the video or audio only version of the episode below:



In this episode, you will discover: -


  • How Arman manipulates his own clients’ insulin production to optimize fat loss results

  • Why bodybuilders take additional insulin to boost muscle growth

  • Arman’s safe and effective process for using your body’s own insulin production for enhanced body composition gains

  • The best diet to manipulate insulin production

  • The different effects different types of carbohydrates have on your body

  • The best time to eat ‘high glycemic’ carbs to boost muscle growth without gaining fat

  • Why Arman thinks the carbohydrate recommendations for the ‘Dietary Recommendations for Americans’ are downright terrible!
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