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Salt: Lies, Truths, and Myths

Written by Ron Kosloff.

The Controversial Condiment

The controversy around salt is never-ending and infinite. Some say it’s a poison, some say it’s beneficial. Medical doctors say you should restrict it to the nth degree, but what medical doctors say about most things nutritional, you can take with a grain of salt! (Pun intended.)

Seriously, it’s a tragedy that medical doctors don’t study nutrition, because if they did, it would change their whole concept of health. I wish someday they do!

But let’s take a critical view of our modern-day salt, or Morton’s salt, as it’s referred to because Morton controls most of the commercial salt in America.

There are two types of salt, earth salt, and sea salt. If you were to go to Detroit, other than making cars, the second largest commodity Michigan exports is salt. There are tremendous amounts of salt mines underneath southwest Detroit, which yields large economic benefits to the state of Michigan.

The other tragedy and by-product of modern man is his insatiable desire to process and refine everything. Everything has to be processed and refined. Why? Everybody seems to forget what Hippocrates said, the natural way is the only way. We use earth salt more than sea salt because the supply is endless without extracting it from seawater.

Table Salt

Table Salt Vs. Natural Salt

The first thing we do to it is to make it white, as we have this conception that white is pure. Salt is not white and pure looking. Salt is an ecru, brown, or gray color and it changes colors as you extract it from different parts of the world or from the sea. But we’re going to make it nice and white and pretty and so we’re going to bleach it with powerful chemicals! So when somebody looks at it they say, oh, this is nice and white and it must be good for me.

The second thing we do is crystallize it so it disperses easily in water or food.

The third thing we do, tragically, is to strip it of its potassium. Ahhhh, there’s a really horrible tragedy.

Then, so it won’t cake up, we add aluminum chlorohydrate to it, another chemical. Now, we’ve got something that really suits our fancy and our taste. But, lo and behold, processed and refined salt is like Newton’s third law -

‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Salt has been implicated in high blood pressure. A government study, years ago, was conducted and spent millions of dollars to discover that Morton’s salt caused an increase in blood pressure by 15%. I don’t believe this study was executed and detailed as one would like to think.

So now, salt is no good for you, don’t eat salt, it’s a poison, restrict it down to its minimum, etc.

But is that really the case?

The History Of Salt

The history of salt is that natural earth salt and sea salt has been used as a preservative for thousands of years, but, it wasn’t Morton salt. So again, when certain peoples of the world use salt as a preservative, it was natural salt. Of course natural salt would just enhance the flavor of the food and it would add trace minerals and potassium.

Steak and Salt

Ah, there’s the secret, to add potassium back into Morton salt, which they strip and stop processing it! I’m certain most of you know and some don’t, that potassium is the mineral that is excellent for your kidneys, plus the fact that potassium helps lower and regulate your blood pressure. It eases contractions on the artery wall. If you are trying to lower your blood pressure, one of the first things that you do is add a potassium supplement. Doesn’t it make sense that if you had natural salt in your diet with natural potassium in it, you wouldn’t have to add the supplement?

Since the medical profession doesn’t study nutrition and knows very little about potassium, they make this harsh judgment, so they’ve scared everyone away from the use of salt. If folks understood the difference between processed and refined salt they would say, well, this is a case of processed salt, but if I eat natural salt my problems would be nil and zero. You have to remember that humans are conceived and born in a saline solution and this is salt.

You can’t live without natural salt, you can’t live without trace minerals and you can’t live without potassium. If you do, you would either die and if you took all the potassium out of your body you would have a stroke immediately.

So we have been told lies, we have understood myths and no truths to salt. Again, if it’s the correct salt, not processed, refined, man-made adulterated salt.

Salt on the farm

My grandfather and every farmer in America knew how important salt was. It was one of my chores on the farm to check the salt blocks constantly for all the animals, therefore if they did not receive their daily intake of natural earth salt there would be health issues. They came in big blocks from the ground, and Grandpa would buy it once every two or three months. The animals would lick that salt block four or five times a day. The infinite wisdom of farm people is that salt is a nutrient that animals and human beings must-have.

Of course, the salt that we used on the dinner table was nothing more than the chopped-up blocks of salt. Everyone on the farm used natural salt to flavor their food and get the trace minerals back in their diet. 

What Is Good Salt?

Back in 1992, at the Earth Conference in Geneva, the United States was named as the country with the most depleted soil in the world because of our factory farming. Nothing in factory farming is natural anymore, synthetic fertilizers, all unnatural hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, you name it, that’s American farming today. In a country like France or Japan, they don’t do the things that our farmers do.

The French are taken aback by the foods that we eat, genetically engineered, hydrogenated oils, white flour, white sugar, and I’m taken aback by that. I’m sure that if you are a supporter of natural things, then YOU are taken aback by that.

So what replaces the natural salt today that we are not getting is Celtic sea salt and it’s from the south of France.

NOTE: Another great salt is Redmond Sea Salt, available in the NSP store

Throughout France and Europe, Celtic sea salt is prized, it’s held in high esteem because of its nutritional value. I use a teaspoon or two a day. My bodybuilding customers, my nutritional customers, my mail-order customers, all use it. NO ONE has ever gotten high blood pressure from using natural Celtic salt. Why? Because it’s got all 92 minerals in it that the body needs and it contains the magic ingredient, potassium and it’s loaded with sodium chloride.

Natural SaltNatural Salt Isn't White

So, if we are going to talk about salt, let’s talk about the natural salt that should be consumed.

Although salt has been demonized by the medical profession, it’s not a demon and never has been, if it is the right kind. A great percentage of your body is comprised of minerals and it’s when you start to restrict or stop replenishing those minerals you are going to start encountering severe health problems.

The simple fact is that when you crave salt, you are craving it for a reason, as when you crave fats, your body is telling you that you need the essential nutrients in the fats. When you crave a piece of meat, your body is telling you that you need this protein.

So listen to your body. Once I had a lady come to me that was totally devoid of minerals and always fatigued. Her hydrochloric acid levels were so low in her stomach that she was certainly not breaking down or absorbing her minerals.

That’s why I preach again, hydrochloric acid and stomach acid, to absorb your minerals. 

Salt, Hydration, And Fatigue

Things are made for a reason and the body has a balance and that balance should be maintained. Don’t forget that without trace minerals and salt in our diet we will fatigue very easily.

I remember when I first started working out at the YMCA in Detroit. I didn’t know much about nutrition then, and on hot days, I’d fatigue so much that I’d have to curtail my workouts, even if I drank a ton of water.

Now if it’s hot, I always take the Celtic sea salt because minerals are what hydrate you. They maintain water in your tissue, in your body, and without them, there will be fatigue and you will tire very easily. Also, that is why you must eat a good diet with a lot of natural fats, and essential fatty acids, as fatty acids also hydrate you.

Training In The heat
A great nutritional doctor, Bernard Jensen, reported that minerals build the body and organs, and vitamins and amino acids run the body. Trace minerals activate organs to release enzymes that do everything from digesting food to keeping our bodies healthy and strong.

So I think you can see how vitally important minerals are to our body’s health and well-being.

Take your Celtic salt every day!


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