How To Make Arnold’s Amazing Pre Workout Mix 

How To Make Arnold’s Amazing Pre Workout Mix 

Finding the Holy Grail is easier than getting the perfect pre workout mix. Many have come close enough, but none ( in my opinion) has been able to bring it to perfection yet.

Today we’ll be looking at the contents of none other than 7-time Mr. Olympia winner, Governator, and owner of probably the largest chest in history– Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How does Arnold Still stay fit after all these years?

Arnold is a true Golden Era bodybuilder down to the very fabric of his being. This ideology reflects down from his gym habits, to his diet as well.

To him, bodybuilding and fitness is like breathing or sleeping.

It doesn’t matter if he’s done it all before.  Or if he’s retired. Or that he’s 75 years old. Or had heart surgery. He will always be in the gym, being fit, and chasing the pump. 

He made this very clear to his interviewer as he busted out some Preacher curls… a technique he learned at Vince’s Gym from Vince Gironda’s star pupil, the very first Mr. Olympia winner, Larry Scott.

 Arnie has been using Vince Gironda's Preacher Curl to grow his massive biceps from day one

In his words: 

" I've slept everyday for years.

Does this mean that I'm not going to sleep the next day because I did yesterday? 


Until I die, I'm always going to be in the gym, chasing the pump."

Talk about hardcore.

So if you’re looking to be like Arnie by 75; very much active and showing NO signs of slowing down, you can learn a thing or two from his approach to life and fitness.

What is Arnie’s Diet Like?

On an episode of Men’s health, Arnie has revealed that he is very health conscious, which isn’t very surprising to hear.

His diet consists of a lot of oatmeal and greens, although his favorite thing to cook is a nice, juicy steak.

For snacks, Arnie likes to have a protein shake with some juice in it.

In his younger days, before filming, he’d often make drastic cuts to his diets, cutting out sugars and carbs like white bread from his menu.

He also supplements regularly, especially multivitamins to keep up his nutritional requirements. 


Arnie’s Pre Workout Protein Shake

So how does Arnie prep his (nearly) perfect pre workout protein mix?

Well… here’s the ingredients for his personal energy bomb:


  • Almond milk
  • Tart cherry juices: To help with inflammation and muscle soreness
  • One banana 
  • One whole egg.. You read that right. Shell and all, for an added calcium boost!

Blend it all up… and there you have it: Arnold’s very own pre-workout mix!


Why Arnie’s Protein Mix Isn’t perfect.

I mean it’s close enough… very close. 

It’s not chock full of ingredients like you’d find in most people’s protein mixes… but each and every ingredient was well thought out, and fulfils a practical purpose, which is everything you want in a protein mix.

Now on the reason why it’s nearly perfect… the reason couldn’t be any more obvious.

There’s no protein powder. Now while I know this is perfectly fine and perhaps even deliberate… Having protein powder in such a mix would be the final infinity stone.

Protein powders, especially the right ones, just bring that perfect kick into every pre workout shake. There’s no doubt about that.

But regardless, Arnie is doing just fine without, and we couldn’t be any happier for him.

So you’re looking for the perfect protein powder to complete your ultimate protein mix?

So you need that kick… that oomf.

You can try searching far and wide, but you’d most likely end up buying a dozen protein formulas before you get the right one.

But I’ve done you one better:

NSP’s Milk & Egg protein is NSP’s classic, trademark product with hundreds of positive reviews on any site you can find.



  • Zero added sugars
  • Zero artificial flavors
  • Zero added fats
  • 3 different delicious flavors


It’s little wonder why it’s a customer favorite.

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So what do you think of Arnold’s protein mix? What ingredients do you put in your own protein mix? Who else would you like to see us cover?

Let us know!


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