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The Vince Gironda File Volume l

The Vince Gironda File Volume l

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The Vince Gironda File Volume l delves deep into Vince’s working mind and extracts some of his most unique and thought-provoking ideas concerning training, mindset, nutrition, health, and supplementation. 

Every training idea that Vince ever had was put through vigorous experimentation in order to ensure it produced the desired result and would benefit those who tried it. 

The Vince Gironda File Volume l book outlines the optimal approach to training and nutrition for a bodybuilder and is littered from start to finish with secrets for rapid muscle growth and development. 

Vince rips apart many of the myths concerning bulking and shaping your muscles in this book, replacing them with training concepts that will trigger muscle growth as you’ve never seen before. 

Jam-packed with practical advice, this book will leave you feeling pumped and excited to get back in the gym and start generating brand new results for your physique. 

In The Vince Gironda File Volume l Book, you will discover: 

  • The most abused exercise in bodybuilding for pec development and how to do it properly
  • The perfect length of time Vince uses a new exercise in order to assess its effectiveness
  • Why many people lose muscle so easily and how to make sure this NEVER happens to you
  • What all champion bodybuilders do the MOMENT they leave the gym that allows them to build and shape their physiques better than everyone else
  • What 90% of bodybuilders will tell you when you ask them “how do you get into shape?”
  • Exactly which rep to terminate the set
  • The real reason Vince believes people injure themselves from pulled muscles and tendons...and it’s NOT because they don’t warm up properly…
  • Why Larry Scott attained results far better than other guys who had BETTER potential than he did…
  • The common posing mistake made by all men that reveals their flaws
  • The ideal length of time to hold a pose for
  • What to EAT for faster tanning
  • The biggest mistake most guys make when trying to develop the lats
  • How to add FORCE a muscle to grow by adding resistance but without adding weight
  • The perfect measurement for the thighs… (Vince only ever saw this on one guy…)
  • 23 facts and myths about the abdominals…
  • What you must do BEFORE you start an abdominal specialization program…
  • Exactly how long to rest before you train a muscle group again
  • The right way to train calves so you no longer have stick legs…
  • What you must do on each rep of a calf raise to make them grow (many guys don’t do this!)
  • A sneaky little nutrition tip to boost calf growth 
  • The maximum number of sets for muscle growth
  • What you MUST do for shoulder development…
  • Vince’s ‘shock’ workout to add 1 inch to your arms in 2 weeks
  • Vince’s thoughts on the vegetarian diet (this may shock you!)
  • Vince’s thoughts on fasting
  • The tell-tale signs of when to change your diet 
  • The bulletin Vince delivered to his gym members that revealed how subjects in a German experiment naturally doubled their strength 
  • What supplement you should take every day to counter the harmful effects of air pollution
  • The ‘true’ power vitamin for building strength
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