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The Sissy Squat by Vince Gironda

The Sissy Squat by Vince Gironda

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The Sissy Squat was taught to Vince Gironda by Monte Wolford - a bodybuilder who Vince claimed had the most perfect leg symmetry he’d ever measured. 

In Vince’s eyes, The problem with the traditional squat is that it recruits too much of the gluteus maximus, at the expense of the quads, which can ruin the symmetry of the lower body. 

The Sissy Squat by Vince Gironda allows the bodybuilder to target the quads, with minimal use of the hips, so they maximally develop the front of the thigh and create a beautifully symmetrical pair of thighs. 

But don’t let the name fool you…

Vince gave it this name as he said would make ‘sissies’ out of strong men who believed the squat was the be-all-end-all of strength. 

Try The Sissy Squat by Vince Gironda for yourself today and see what it can do for your leg development.

In The Sissy Squat by Vince Gironda book, you will discover:

  • Exact programming for this exercise including the ideal number of sets to perform per session (more than this, and you risk losing muscle)
  • The exact equipment you’ll need to perform this exercise properly (really simple to obtain - no fancy machines needed)
  • Complete instructions on how to perform this exercise so that you maximally work and shape your thighs
  • Complete insight into lower body anatomy, giving you the full location and function of each muscle group so you know how to train it effectively for competition
  • Maximum definition diet plan to accompany the training program so you can stun people with your complete thigh development
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