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92% Milk & Egg Protein Powder

92% Milk & Egg Protein Powder

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!

Discover Why Thousands of Guys Have Traded In Their Whey Protein For This Great-Tasting Unique Protein Formula 

92% Milk & Egg Protein Powder may help you to:

  • Pile on more muscle without gaining body fat and also enjoy the 92% Milk & Egg Protein Powder diet in many ways
  • Melt away belly fat by jacking up your metabolism
  • Slow down the effects of aging by preventing muscle loss (sarcopenia)
  • Achieve dazzling definition in record time by killing your hunger and destroying sweet cravings with the help of the 92% Milk & Egg Protein Powder
  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels and avoid daytime energy crashes
  • Halt muscle protein breakdown so you can rapidly build muscle
  • Look and feel younger as a result of a leaner and more athletic physique
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Why This ‘Old School’ Protein Formula Beats ALL Other Protein Products Hands-Down For Total Body Transformations...

No Unwanted Ingredients

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No Bloating Or Gas!

Milk & Egg Protein mixes easy in a shaker bottle with no ‘clumps’.

This makes it easy to prepare when you’re on the go and need a protein fix in a hurry.

Furthermore, the effortless mixing makes the protein easy to consume and digest, so you don’t have to worry about bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort.

Zero Added Sugar

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure 92% Milk & Egg Protein contains zero added sugar.

Yet, despite that, we’ve not had to compromise on taste or flavor. 

By giving you a ‘pure protein’ formula, you have the freedom to mix it according to your needs and goals, whether they may be muscle gain, or fat loss.

Perfect Meal Replacement

Both milk and egg proteins score high on the ‘satiety index’, which is a measure of how well they battle hunger and prevent you from overeating. 

This makes Milk & Egg Protein the perfect meal replacement for guys who need a healthy, high-protein and ‘on-the-go’ meal replacement without having to rely on high-sugar processed snacks.

  • Why Milk Protein?

    After eggs, milk is the second most biologically available protein. 

    However, it has another benefit…

    It digests much more slowly than egg protein.

    As a slow-acting protein, it has powerful ‘anti-catabolic' properties, so it helps to prevent muscle loss.

  • Why Egg Protein?

    Egg protein was chosen because of its sky-high biological availability. 

    Not only does this mean it’s easy to digest…

    But more will be used by the body.

    Other protein sources, such as vegetable proteins, are poorly digested. 

    In certain foods, as much as half of it isn’t even absorbed and simply goes to waste!

    That’s why egg protein is so beneficial - every single ounce will be absorbed and used by the body to help build more muscle.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Exceptional Quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes NSP's Milk & Egg Protein such a well-rounded energy source?

Milk and Egg protein is rich in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and essential amino acids.

You get a well-rounded energy source that pumps your body with day and night energy.

2. What makes NSP's Milk & Egg Protein better than the competition?

We use a "COLD" drying process to preserve the peptide structure of the milk & eggs. Most companies mix using heat because it’s easier… but heat destroys vital nutrients.

3. Does NSP's Milk & Egg Protein contain carbs?

ZERO Percent carbs and low sugar. -  Most protein powders out there sell on taste but you can be sure that it comes with more sugar and carbs.

NSP protein is zero carbs so you can concentrate on either muscle gain or muscle definition.

4. What does NSP's Milk & Egg Protein mix well with?

Mixes great in a shaker bottle with low carb Almond Milk and tastes really good, but you can use any milk or drink of your choice - get creative!