Xylitol, Creatine, and NO²

Xylitol, Creatine, and NO²

Written by Ron Kosloff.

This article will dispel some myths about xylitol and provide some sound evidence about how important nutrition is. I will also share with you about creatine and NO and how they are viewed.

Recently, all on the same day, I was asked three different questions and thought that I would address them all in this article. One was concerning the subject of xylitol (which is a natural sugar taken from food), and the others were concerning creatine, nitric oxide, and dried/oxidized food and supplements.


A good friend of mine and customer, Tony Semaan from Lakewood, CA, who I also trained, called and said that a gentleman was talking to him on the Internet about my Power Food Wafers and was told not to buy them because they contain xylitol.

He was told that the Weston Price Foundation said not to use xylitol-dried extractions because they are not good for you. I was disappointed with that and decided to try and state the opposite view.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is extracted from natural sources. It's not to be abused. If you abuse it, just as if you abused another natural sweetener, stevia, sooner or later it will create some sort of an imbalance.

Remember, nature's balance will always prevail in the human body. If the body doesn't get natural sugar in its synergistic form with other sweeteners or other nutrients, an imbalance occurs. Some people say we shouldn't eat honey, but honey is not just natural sugar - it is a fantastic complete food as well.

Xylitol by itself is a natural sugar extract. Stevia is just a ground-up leaf from the stevia tree but some people still considered it an isolate. Regarding the Weston Price Foundation giving xylitol a negative review, I have met Sally Fallon, the President of the Board of Directors of the Weston Price Foundation, and I think that she is an extremely bright and nice lady.

I am a member of the Weston Price Foundation and I can say that Sally and the people who are affiliated with the Foundation are, to me, pretty much "right on" when it comes to their research.

But you have to remember that because one Foundation or one person says something, it doesn't mean that it is entirely true.

Also, if that person is looking at a specific isolated product, they might be right. Let's take vitamins and minerals, for instance. Sally and the Weston Price Foundation do not believe in vitamin fractions; nor do they believe in dried food extract because they say that the extracts are oxidized!

Whole Foods

The Weston Price Foundation believes in taking whole foods. This is not feasible today because only 2% of Americans are farmers and we import a vast amount of food from factory-farmed sources which are not natural or organic. I think that maybe the Weston Price Foundation isn't looking at the complete picture.

In our society today, it is so difficult to get complete foods that haven't been processed, refined, denuded, filled with chemicals, microwave heated, and overcooked. Of course, it would be better to get whole foods, but do we all get whole foods? There are over 6.5 billion people on this earth and most have no access to, nor can they afford whole natural foods.

In fact, from now to infinity, our chances of having access to natural food are pretty much non-existent. You have about as much chance of this as you have to see God. I mean this sincerely! The only people that might have access to natural foods are probably millionaires where money is no problem.

Our dependence on vitamins, minerals, and food supplements is growing at a fever pitch! In America and western countries, the fast-paced lifestyle is also a factor. Because of these hectic lifestyles, mothers can hardly breastfeed any longer even though they wish they could. Most people say they no longer have time to cook and eat, hence the fast food places.

Vitamin C, Liver, Olive Leaf

When discussing vitamin fractions, take, for example, vitamin C, as we know it, which is very therapeutic. It is natural ascorbic acid taken from food or from fermented corn or fermented vegetables. But I always tell people that vitamin C isolate is not completely complex.

Vitamin C Oranges

When you are taking 1000 mg of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, the best way to render it most effective would be to have it be included in the whole vitamin C complex as ascorbic acid and citrus bioflavonoids. When, throughout the day, you eat a couple of pieces of fruit or vegetables or liver tablets, combined with the supplement, you get the whole vitamin C complex.

Liver is loaded with vitamin C and when you eat muscle meat, the glue that holds the muscles together is the whole vitamin C complex. So now, we've taken a fraction, we've added bioflavonoids to it, and then when you take them in concentrated amounts and eat the vegetables, fruit, liver, and meat, they all connect in our bloodstream and make a stronger and more prevalent and concentrated form of vitamin C.

That's the process and it really does work. Vince Gironda proved it again and again and I have done the same. I tell people that if you have a cold, eat good food and take 1000 mg of vitamin C time-released throughout the day and the combination will have a therapeutic effect.

Add some olive leaf capsules and you will be floored! No bacteria or virus can escape olive leaf! Maybe the Weston Price Foundation hasn't looked at that... Today's food supplementation is almost a necessity and in the future will be even more so.

Celtic Sea Salt, Minerals

I take Celtic Sea Salt. Our soil is depleted of minerals by 85%. Thank goodness I can still get all my minerals. Celtic Sea Salt is a supplement that we need. I also take liver tablets and where would I be if I didn't have dry Argentine, pure liver tablets?

NSP Beef Liver
As a superfood, it's the best blood builder known and is indispensable for bodybuilding.

Assuming that the Weston Price Foundation thinks that everybody in the world can easily get all-natural food and has the time to go to all-natural farmers. This is sheer folly!

This is not feasible because people need to make a living and if they did this they would be spending half of their days trying to get natural organic food. Supplements extracted from food are the best that you are going to get. Synthetic vitamins made in a laboratory don't work because the body can tell the difference.

For example, there is a vitamin E light refraction test where scientists took a natural vitamin E and a synthetic vitamin E and put them side by side. They reflected a light beam off of them and the synthetic bounced light to the left and the natural bounced light to the right. If they were both the same they would have both bounced light to the right but they didn't.

So, don't believe the propaganda from drug companies and medical doctors saying that synthetic is just as good as natural. There is a difference.

Vitamin E, Heart

The Shute Clinic in Canada, during the 1950s, was helping heart patients by taking an extracted concentrated form of natural vitamin E and supplementing it with their good diet which connected with the complete tocopherols of the vitamin E and this combination worked to help the heart patients.

Healthy Heart
I question if the Weston Price Foundation is seeing the reality of today's world. Vince Gironda supported the Weston Price Foundation but he put every natural bodybuilder that he ever trained on supplements taken from food. They worked then, and they work now, and 50 years from now, they'll still be working!

One of the Foundation's stances is regarding dried and oxidized food or food supplements. Again, maybe they are not doing their research. The American Plains Indian taught the cowboy how to survive on what we, perhaps, would call beef and buffalo jerky.

They made it by drying all parts of the buffalo. They would live on that for days, weeks, and months. It wasn't oxidized because they would tightly wrap the meat in leather buffalo in hide pouches so that air could not get in to oxidize it. Any good lab that makes vitamin and food supplements from food extracts will put them in containers so they won't oxidize.

If you leave something that is dry exposed to the air, of course, it will oxidize. I would never consider leaving my liver tablets exposed. I put them in a container and tightly seal them so that they won't oxidize.

I recall, some years ago, a cereal company wanted to prove that egg yolks were not good for you so they left them out, exposed to air, for weeks and when they became oxidized, they fed them to animals and it was detrimental to the animals, so the cereal company claimed that the egg yolks were not good for us.

But they failed to mention the fact that the egg yolks were oxidized and were spoiled. Nature has created a way to dry things and concentrate their nutrients so that they won't spoil.

Remember that when something is dried and the water is removed, bacteria can't set in.

That is why I will always think that natural food extractions that are dried and kept in a container will last a long, long time. I will not recant on my position, and neither would Vince Gironda, and neither would many holistic doctors, and neither would Standard Process and Biotics, who make a lot of isolated nutrients taken from food.

I have been using my NSP supplements and selling them for 30 years, and I would say that I am in great health. My customers call and often ask, "What would I do without my liver tabs, glandulars, 92% protein, and vitamin packs?"

NSP Golden Era Supplements

Again, maybe the Weston Price Foundation is looking at vitamin fractions as not having been taken from food but, instead, created in a laboratory. And yes, I will agree, that anything food-related created in a laboratory is 'not food'. Anything that is extracted from food, however, is good.

For example, let's say that you came to me and you had toxic, polluted arteries with the bad cholesterol. One of the things I would do would be to get you on 1,000 to 1200 mg of niacin throughout the day, plus a few spoonfuls of natural lecithin. Niacin is a fraction, taken from the B complex and lecithin from egg yolks, but I would tell you that your diet better be very solid in the whole B complex of meat, eggs, fish, turkey, chicken, liver, even primary yeast.

But if your diet is not solid in B complex, and if you take a B complex, you will create a synergistic effect with the increased milligrams of niacin to really do its job. Maybe the Weston Price Foundation isn't looking at that.

Baby Supplements

As you may already know, along with other products, I put together a baby supplement called Formula 117 and it was the best thing next to breast milk that you could get. The FDA called it a baby formula and we called it a dietary supplement. It included whole foods such as eggs, liver, milk, glandulars and we added fractions such as colostrum, essential fatty acids, vitamin C, good bacteria, bioflavonoids, etc. and we were giving it to children.

One example was a child who was just wasting away, atrophying, so to speak. The pediatrician wanted to put the baby on tube feedings. The child's mother stopped by the local health food store where Formula 117 was recommended to her by the owner. She gave the child our supplement and was thrilled to find almost instant results and that the child was now thriving.

When she shared this information with the pediatrician, who had been unsuccessfully treating the child for some time, the pediatrician asked to see the product. Once he did, he reported it to the FDA, despite the clear and obvious benefits to the child.

The FDA, who caters to drug companies, who in turn want your baby on drugs and garbage by taking deficient baby formula from the drug store and who don't want your baby to be healthy, didn't like the fact that we were making babies healthy so they came in and destroyed our product, saying that they didn't approve it!

Healthy Baby
We were having phenomenal success with making babies healthy, but the FDA never mentioned that fact. I am still devastated to this day and also shy of several thousand dollars!

So my point is that maybe we should question everything. Maybe the Weston Price Foundation should question things that they don't agree with.

And, by the way, Sally Fallon didn't agree with my baby formula, but it was making babies healthy. Another example is that I felt privileged to know the great Vince Gironda and to sit at the feet of such a master, but that doesn't mean that I agree with everything that Vince said.


For instance, Vince Gironda advised that we should drink 8 glasses of water per day. To this day, nobody can find research to prove that drinking that much water daily is beneficial.

I did not agree with the 8 glasses per day theory and now we know that if you drink too much water, you can harm your liver and kidneys, and you can flush vitamins B and C right out of the body because they are water-soluble and, most importantly, it can affect trace minerals in the body such as potassium which could induce a stroke.

If you are not holding water in the tissues and you don't have trace minerals you will constantly be thirsty and constantly be drinking more water. For a while, I embraced drinking 8 glasses of water a day and it got me nowhere, as it is a fallacy.

It did not make any difference that I didn't agree with Vince on everything. He was still my hero and I am still an apostle of Vince Gironda. I'm not always right either, but Vince taught me to listen and question everything. He would say that there is no wrong way or right way of working out or supplementing until you find what the right way is.

AK & CRA: Muscle Testing 

Don't get me wrong, if I didn't believe in the Weston Price Foundation I wouldn't be a member. Again, I agree with much of what they advocate. I drink raw milk and I drink raw cream and I eat natural eggs and I get plenty of fats in my diet.

But again, despite my respect for the Foundation, my research has shown me that xylitol is not harmful and holistic doctors agree on that!

Let me further elaborate.

Two of the finest nutritional chiropractic doctors, Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Richard Varseendal, came up with two similar processes to test the human body of diseases or deficiencies. One is called Applied Kinesiology (AK) by Dr. Goodheart, and the other one is Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) by Dr. Verseendal.

If you had a cigarette in your hand and I muscle-tested you for that cigarette, your arm would drop because that is telling you that the cigarette is not good for you because it is not electrical and is unnatural. All-natural food is electrical while processed and refined food isn't.

If you took a candy bar, nine chances out of 10, your arm would drop. If you took a piece of good meat that didn't contain steroids and antibiotics, your arm would be strong. I have muscle-tested xylitol many different times and I have never had one arm drop. The arm was solid and strong which meant that xylitol is good for you in reasonable amounts.

If you held a pound of xylitol, your arm would most likely drop because your body would be telling you that a pound of xylitol is probably not good for you just as anything in excess would be harmful.

If you have a sore throat, or bacteria or virus in your nasal passages, take a spoonful of xylitol and mix it with some water in a spray bottle and spray it on your throat and up your nostrils, and the bacteria and virus will attack the xylitol and they will negate each other.

When somebody says that xylitol is not good for you, try gargling with it and see how good it is.

So remember that just because somebody says something, it doesn't make it true…

NO & Creatine

Another question that I was asked was why I don't carry nitric oxide or why I don't have creatine.

NSP, basically, is a food-based nutritional company that carries milk and egg protein, liver, glandulars, amino acids, complete vitamin packets, and good digestive aids to provide you with a solid nutritional program.
NSP Supplements
A lot of people are always looking for the "hot" new supplement because Americans are always tuned to what's new on the market. I always tell people not to look at what's new because it hasn't stood the test of time. What's new is usually a hot-marketed product that is going to have a popular streak, make a lot of money for a lot of people, and then go out of style.

First of all, you have to start with a diet of:
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
Muscle Building Food
Once that’s in place, only then would Vince Gironda say to the bodybuilder to take supplements.

But you can't live on just supplements.

There are many unscrupulous people who tell bodybuilders that all they have to do is take creatine or nitric oxide in order to be bodybuilding champions.

They never tell them about the steroids, do they?

They don't tell them about the most important thing first...food!

If your line is a food-based supplement line, then you're just going to make better and stronger gains. I owned a PowerHouse Gym in Centerline, Michigan for 12 years and I’ve been around bodybuilders all of my life.

I have seen bodybuilders take gobs and gobs of creatine in bucketfuls and slam themselves with nitric oxide. They are creating a tremendous nutritional imbalance in their bodies. They are eating junk food and loading up on carbohydrates, creatine, and nitric oxide. Creatine itself is in all flesh, it's in glands, in muscle meat, in steak, in fish, meat, turkey, pheasant, and all flesh foods.

These unscrupulous companies tell you that you have to load up on it. They tell you that because they want you to take more of their product which will make you get bigger, but you will just get bloated and hold water. Creatine, being 3 amino acids that are converted to ATP, starves the muscles of other amino acids.

Creatine Powder
It will give you greater strength and great endurance, but if you don't eat basic natural food and the hormone procuring fats, and also keep your pituitary, hypothalamus, and thyroid strong and keep the human growth hormone (HGH) strong from your pituitary gland, you will just create false gains in your body.

The promoters of this don't care about your health as long as they can sell you a hot product supplement and make a lot of money. Joe Weider and Bill Phillips come to mind. Some of the people who own the magazines and push these products are ex-criminals who used to sell steroids.

People like Bill Phillips and Dan Duchaine openly advocated steroid use. Joe Weider ignored them, then lied about their use! Some of these people did time in jail and now they are telling you how to train and work out and what to take. I always tell people that if you do the basics of what you should be doing and you want to add between 1 and 3 teaspoonfuls of creatine a day and take a little nitric oxide, and as long as you are getting protein and amino acids to the muscles, you won't have an imbalance of amino acids in the bloodstream.

But if you do, you are going to suffer. Small amounts of NO, like creatine, with diet and supplementation, can be okay for you. This is why liver tablets are so phenomenal.

They contain cytochrome C which draws oxygen into your bloodstream and creates a greater blood flow and when your liver converts protein to amino acids one of these acids is called L-Arginine which raises your nitric oxide levels to again promote blood flow.

Again, the people who promote large quantity usage of creatine and nitric oxide don't care. Did Joe Weider or Bill Phillips care? H*ll no! They are both multi-millionaires. Vince Gironda just made a living and was an honest man and he told us the truth about old-time bodybuilding methods and old-time bodybuilding supplements which worked then and always will.

Good Lord, don't people get it by this time? Both Weider and Phillips worked on the premise that there is going to be somebody turning 16 every day and that is the guy that they want to influence, in order to make money off of, regardless of the physical consequences to that young person.


As I've always said, any company that puts hydrogenated oils and aspartame in their products should be thrown in jail because both products are poisons! Of course, America is a country of fads and what's cool, what's in, and what's out. 

"Just take this creatine and this NO and you will be Mr. America!" If you believe that, you have a big problem.

Well, I do hope that possibly my side of this controversy sounds valid!

Remember Vince's teachings: Diet first, supplements second, question everything, and listen to the truth!

Ron Kosloff

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Very thought provoking.Eggs and liver tablets r the way.

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