Sleep Shred


Sleep Shred

  • Naturally and safely increase growth hormone levels during sleep
  • Burn more body fat while you sleep at night without changing your nutrition or exercise program
  • All-natural ingredients and non-GMO formula

Melt extra body fat without any extra effort!

Sleep Shred is a potent mix of hormone-stimulating nutrients that helps your body burn fat while you sleep.

Each serving contains a powerful combination of the amino acids shown to stimulate growth hormone production. 

Growth hormone helps break down body fat into ‘free fatty acids’ so they can be used as fuel by your body. 

In addition to the amino acid blend, Sleep Shred contains colostrum - a nutrient-rich milk product that helps to promote growth.

Plus, it’s GMO-free for an extra measure of quality assurance. 

Simply take 1 capsule at bedtime on an empty stomach and look forward to waking up looking more defined each morning. 

For best results, don’t eat food 2 hours before and after use.