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Vince's Secret Locker 2


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This is what Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition brings to you! Old School training with REAL results.
VINCE'S SECRET LOCKER books are as near as you can get to turning a "book" into virtual reality.
All the LEGENDS are in these books,

1. Training Information
2. Nutrition Information
3. Supplement Information
4. Interviews 
5. 279 images
6.. Appreciation list of 154 people
7. 18 sketches, 6 artists,
8. Q&A 28 and 15 43 pages.

John Balik USA
"I received your wonderful book, Vince's Secret Locker Volume 2 -- yesterday what a magnificent labor of love and a  historical document second to none. Congratulations!"

Christian Thibadeau USA
"I just got my copy of Vince's Secret Locker volume 2. I love training and I love history. This book combines both and I can't wait to dig through it! Gironda was decades in advance on his time and his secrets are still applicable today (last time I checked the body is pretty much the same as it was during his time)."

Joseph B. D'agostino USA
"These are by far some of the best and imformative books every written in the field and sport of Bodybuilding. Incredible job Karl!"

Martin Kotte - Germany "The books are great!"

Erwin Overbeek - Netherlands
"The books are great. I cannot stop reading Vince's Secret Locker books. Thanks for your effort.