Recovering From Sickness And Vince Gironda’s Advanced Maintenance Diet (NSP Nutrition Show #22)

Welcome To Episode #22 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, the guys discuss the best approach to returning from sickness.

Plus, the guys talk about Vince Gironda’s advanced maintenance diet.

You can check out the video or audio only version of the episode below:



In this episode, you will discover: -


  • Arman’s nutritional and supplementation strategy to overcome illness

  • The best workouts for returning to the gym

  • Is it best to train by how you feel or for a shorter period of time?

  • What do you do if you feel run down after training?

  • The best supplements for a strong immune system?

  • The best time to use an advanced maintenance diet

  • Which supplements to take during the maintenance diet
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