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Vince Gironda's Thoughts on Steroids

  • 1 min read

"I am no puritan.True, I have been what could be described as a health nut for periods of my life (for example, I refused to drink coffee for the first 33 years of my life). However, in my time I have had a short affair with the grape in its liquid form, and I have known the mellow taste of a good Cuban cigar. I even had a McDonald's hamburger . .. once!

For all my minor indiscretions, I have never taken artificial steroids or other so-called growth-enhancing drugs, nor have I ever recommended them for any of my gymmembers or pupils.

I detest the use of chemicals by any athlete in any sport. Everything about drugs rubs me the wrong way.Unlike many pro bodybuilders who see benefits that outweigh the disadvantages, I see only the atrocious side effects . .. and absolutely no benefits."

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Excerpt from The Wild Physique

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