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The Evils of Mind Altering Drugs, Alcohol and Steroids

  • 37 min read

 NSP Research Nutrition

By. Ron Kosloff, N/C and Vince Gironda 

Phase I

It's a shame that we have to learn life's lessons the hard way. When I was a child, my grandfather tried to prepare me when he warned me that life would be difficult and a constant struggle. As I got older, I understood what he meant. No doubt, he was trying to tell me that the biggest pain that you will ever suffer is mental pain and anguish. They put you in such disarray through hurt feelings and depression and I do think that drugs play a very significant part in this process. I think that at one time or another many people indulge in drugs of all kinds, including alcohol, to ease what I refer to as the "pain of life" which, of course, can be the greatest pain of all. I consider myself a very fortunate person that I haven't had to face as many pains in life as my uncle and my Grandfather did.

Personally, as I was growing up, we were poor but at least I had a place to sleep and we had food. As a teenager, I had severe acne and, at a younger age, I had severe stuttering There was nothing nice about being called "strawberry" or being called Daf(y Duck, but it does build character. Since I did have a loving family, I was able to overcome these things. I'm sure that you could tell me about things in your life that you went through that seemed insurmountable. Everyone has obstacles in their lives that they have to try hard to overcome without the use of drugs. I'm certain that everybody is well aware that mind-altering drugs go back to the beginnings of man: It was even reputed that hashish was offered to Jesus to reduce his pain while he was on the cross. I say reputed because some of the biblical scholars will attest to this. One of the things that I have observed is that life today is just so complicated. Hundreds of years ago, all that anybody had to worry about was food and shelter. Now, when you wake up in the morning, you have to eat, you have to shave, you have to have your keys and wallet, you have to make sure that the lights and stove are turned off, you have to do a fly check, you have to make sure you made your lunch, and when you get on the expressway you have to watch out for the crazy people so that by the time you get to work, you think you·re going crazy. Life today can just drive you nuts and I'm sure that you can relate to that. We, as a species, have far, far exceeded our abilities to cope with life. For example, when convenient machines, such as cars, were first invented to serve us, they were our slaves, but now we've become slaves to all of our cars and all of our modern conveniences. If you were to maintain everything according to the directions, you'd spend your whole life maintaining things, cleaning filters, and so on. If we think that life is tough now, let's look to the future when all of the good-paying jobs are somewhere in India or Russia or China or Malaysia and we are going to be a service country. If you work in a service society, you are lucky to be earning $10.00 per hour. Ralph Nader tells us that the goal of all the multinational corporations is to have all of the employees work for $6.00 per hour with no benefits. It will be like the Middle Ages when there were only the very rich and the very poor; there was no middle class. no union class, no upper middle class, only the rich and the poor.

When he first came to this country, my Grandfather was employed by Ford Motor Company where he often worked under excruciating conditions for 14 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. My Grandmother had to prepare lunch for the foreman every day in order for my grandfather to hold his job. My uncle worked down in the coalmines of Pennsylvania where life was so bad that many of the workers would start drinking on Friday night and stay drunk all weekend, dreading Mondays when they would have to go back to the mines again. He died at a young age of black lung disease. They both had tough lives and, rm sure, wanted to escape their miserable existence through alcohol. The one glaring and obvious point to me was that happy, well-adjusted adults don't use drugs. Also, it was obvious that most children that came from a loving family seldom use drugs. In general, I have observed that most substance abusers are, to a degree, losers throughout their lives. This is why a close and loving family is so important.

Escapism is the reason why we see a pattern with the use of drugs of all kinds, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, hashish, pain pills, pharmaceutical drugs, and antidepressants. People think that the only way to deal with all of their unbearable woes is to escape because their problems affect the psyche in their minds and create this horrendous pain that only drugs seem to alleviate. Of course, the fact is that these drugs are just band­aids and are the reflection of deep-seated problems.

Whatever happened to the philosophy, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going"? One of the problems with our society today is that we have no discipline. We are lazy and we want everything handed to us. The baby boomers do not want their children to have it as hard as they did, which is a mistake, because now their children don't want to work for anything, just like steroid users. They want everything given to them, they have very little character and when the going gets tough, they just smoke a joint or snort cocaine or get drunk, and that's a real problem. Of course, conformity is at the root of this because we go along with the crowd; if the crowd drinks, we drink, if the crowd smokes weed, we smoke weed, if the crowd wears bell-bottoms, we wear bell-bottoms, whatever the crowd does, we do. We've destroyed the thing that made this country great, the individual. The economic powers that are frown on individualism. This is why Vince and I call most gyms "monkey see, monkey do" establishments! 

One of my heroes in life was the great lyricist and soul singer, Curtis Mayfield, who wrote many songs that were absolutely bri11iant. In one of his songs, he said that it is a "terrible thing inside when your natural high has died". He knew what he was talking about because he had had a difficult life, he became addicted to heroin and he overcame it! It is very sad if you don't have the ability to live life to it's fullest and don't do things that create natural highs. For instance, I love nutrition, custom cars, and bodybuilding. Whenever I've achieved anything in these three fields, it has given me a natural high and the motivation to achieve more. It's just a shame that in order to create happiness or highs, so many people have to revert to some synthetic substance. 

All of the great philosophical, religious leaders, whether they practice Judaism, Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity, or Hinduism frown upon the use of mind-altering or mood-altering drugs. Many people who use drugs profess to be Christians, yet they don't read the Bible. If they did, they would know that Galatians 5:20 talks about the sins of the flesh and that it is a sin to use pharmakeia to alter the mind or the body. Pharmakeia is a Greek word that means spiritism, sorcery, witchcraft, poison and druggery. It's disturbing how many so-ca11ed Christians use pot, alcohol, and psychotic drugs and justify it! People should pursue natural highs like just acting crazy, laughing, telling funny jokes, or going to see an uplifting movie. It is very important to always have something to look forward to. What's wrong with playing baseball or badminton or basketball or having a cookout, watching your favorite team on TV, or achieving something? These things are natural highs. Personally, I am a crazy Dallas Cowboys fan and I spend the entire fall following them and watching as many games as I can, but when the season is over, I become depressed for a few weeks after. But, during the season, I am on a natural high.

The United States is controlled and dominated by big corporations and a lot of these corporations want you addicted to something. The drug companies want kids addicted to Ritalin and adults addicted to Prozac. The tobacco companies want you addicted to cigarettes, the coffee companies want you addicted to coffee, the pop and candy bar companies want you addicted to their pop, white sugar, and candy bars. The most despicable part is that our government encourages this because it means more dollars. There is an industry out there called Hollywood and it seems that they have an addiction for promoting drugs of all kinds. If you have ever been to Los Angeles or Hollywood, it's evident that about 85% of the entertainment industry is a drug culture. The people who implode you with movies and ads and pornography are tied to the drug culture. California, the Mecca of bodybuilding, is a steroid culture that makes money; therefore, insidiously, they are going to promote steroid use. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are the first to profit from it. Whatever the addictive drug is, someone wants you on it, all in the name of profit. I wonder when the U.S. will admit to being a masked drug culture! I'm certain that you are aware of the marijuana lobby that wants it legalized and the bottom line is, again, profit, probably for the drug companies.

Some natural things can become addicting as well. There is even such thing as a runner's high. Long-distance runners are running from something. By running long distances they are tormenting and beating their bodies into oblivion. The human body has to do something to counteract the pain of that physical destructiveness, so the body creates endorphins, which makes people feel good all the while they are being destructive to their bodies. The runner gets addicted to the feeling that the endorphins produced.

Life has its ups and downs, I can attest to that. I've won trophies for custom cars that I've built and I've gotten compliments about my cars from guys at the car shows, and those have always been a tremendous high for me. But, when I leave the show and drive away, all of a sudden there is no more high and a little depression starts to set in. I have to tell myself that I'm going to win another show and I prepare myself to do positive things so that I can accomplish that new goal. As I mentioned before, I think that it is important that you should always have something to look forward to or to strive toward.

I have a friend who I used to work out with at the "Y" who always took pride in his physique. He foolishly started taking steroids and smoking pot. As I've seen with many people, once they start smoking pot, they think that they are normal. Before he started smoking pot, his house and car were well maintained, now I don't think that he cleans his house at all, he has a sheet over the couch, there are dishes in the sink, and the whole house smells of pot. He has completely changed, but he doesn't think that he has changed at all. He used to keep his car very nice, and, now, in his car, is garbage and pop bottles and it smells like pot. He very seldom works out anymore and, as a matter of fact, he very seldom does anything anymore! One thing that I've noticed about people who are in the drug culture is that they have their own lingo, their own language of cool words like crack, horse, white lightening, pot, grass. They use this lingo to make themselves look cool. Oh, yeah, they're really cool, whatever that means. The bottom line is that most of them are just plain losers, which is the toughest thing to be in life, a rock bottom loser who is not in control.

People ask me if l am against beer, wine, and alcohol, and I am not necessarily, however, today's beer and wine are not fermented naturally. Fermented foods are good for you when the process is done naturally. When you go to France, you eat a small meal: a piece of fish, some cheese, garnish, a vegetable and drink a 4oz glass of wine. Wine can help digestion because it's acidic, and, because it is the natural fermentation of grapes, it contains a lot of natural, vital chemicals. My German grandfather, who lived on the farm, 'loved tea and wine. He had a glass of wine nearly every day. Yeah, it killed him. He died when he was 98. You have to put things in perspective. There is nutrition in fermented foods; there is no nutrition in mind-altering drugs. There is no such thing as a minimum daily requirement for drugs and that's what the medical profession and drug companies don't seem to understand. 

I can almost understand to a degree how some people can get started on drugs. For example, you have a 20-year­old kid who plays guitar in a national rock band and feels a tremendous high because he is put on a pedestal like he is a god. When he goes back to his hotel room, his high has left him, and because he has the money, he can pursue a synthetic high. Then, when he eventually goes out of style and loses his popularity, he usually ends up becoming some sort of a drug addict. I can see how it can happen, but I am not condoning it; I don't think that anybody can condone it.

One remedy for this is to surround yourself with good, decent, honest people who really love you, whether it be a best friend, a best girlfriend, or, ideally, a supportive family. In this country, there is a staggering figure that approximately 4 7% of all children come from single-parent households. That's tragic because, very often, the children of single parents are taken care of in daycare centers by people who are making minimum wage and don't really care anything about them. I think that the Beatles once said that love is the answer, and, of course, it is the answer, because it's what human beings need more than anything else. They need to know that they are important to someone and that someone will put their arm around them and say, "I love you and I will be there for you when you need me. You can lean on me. I' II give you strength and you give me strength". That is just so, so, so important, but, unfortunately, I don't see much of it in the world today. I feel that in most cases, the man should be the wage earner and the woman should stay home to raise and nurture the children and to give them the love that they need, but that is no longer the case because the multinational corporations have literally destroyed the fabric of our society. They've created a situation, by pursuing cheap labor, where 2 people have to work to secure the stability of the family. That, coupled with the fact that we, as a society, have been conditioned to pursue things, more than we pursue family or love, has led to many very angry, young children who don't have that essential, basic love.

I personally never had children. Clint Eastwood said, "A man must know his limitations", so I knew mine and no children suffered! The Bible states to have only as many children as you can love, afford, and take care of The majority of people that I've known in my life were extremely poor parents. Sadly, there is no criterion for becoming a parent. If you want to have a child, have a child, even though you are not prepared for it. Many people today do not have time for their children or time to deal with the disruption that the children bring to the household, so, with the help of the medical profession, they get their children hooked on psychotic drugs such as Ritalin. I can give you an example that is very near and dear to me. Some close friends of mine had a son who I knew from birth and who I would play with when I visited them. His parents didn't seem to have the time or the desire to regulate his diet of cookies and donuts and sugar, which partially alters brain waves and brain function. Of course, this diet made the boy overactive and because they didn't have time to deal with his activity, they put him on Ritalin. Now, at the age of 19, this young man is in a rehab center for the use of many drugs! All of this could have been prevented if his parents hadn't pursued the almighty buck, with 4 televisions and 3 cars and an extension on the house and a cottage up north. They were buying their children's love and never really loving their children. They weren't being good parents. They got caught up in what we're deceivingly told every day on television, that you can't be happy without a bigger house, a newer car, and more things. This insatiable need for more, more, more has led to a society of angry children who have no discipline and no love and who align themselves with gangs. They pierce their ears and they tattoo their bodies because they are crying out for the attention and affection that they are not getting. They run with the wrong crowd and all of a sudden they are using some mind-altering drug. Like the Temptations said, now it's become a ball of confusion.

I own NSP and Research Nutrition and there are certain homeopathic products that are negatively charged. One such product is by Biotics called Environmental Detox. I use a capful a day, myself, to withdraw the polluted, toxic elements in the air. Because pollutants are positive, when the negatively charged Environmental Detox passes through the body, the two connect with each other and are flushed out of the body. I had a young man come in looking for such a product because he was applying for a job and, being a pot smoker, he wanted to mask a drug test. I told him that I would only sell it to him if he would first listen to what I had to say, to which he agreed. I asked him if he was doing this because his life was unhappy, or had he lost his job, did he have money problems, was he depressed? I asked him if he had people in his life that loved him and I asked him if his mother would approve of what he was doing. I asked him if he started doing it because of his friends, and if now he has to rely upon it. I told him that an addiction is an addiction is an addiction and that you have to remember that whether it is alcohol, tobacco or marijuana, a little bit may satisfy your need today, but in order to achieve the same high six months from now, it's a lot more than a little bit and a year from then, it's a lot more than that because a drug is a drug is a drug. To get the same effect you constantly have to use more. He told me that his best friends got him started on this and I told him that they are not his best friends. They're trying to bring you down to their level because of their own unhappiness, whatever their unhappiness is. I told him not to get hooked on this stuff because once you get into this culture, there's very little chance that you can get out and you might do this for the rest of your life. He looked at me with puzzlement and amazement. I told him that life is full of ups and downs, positives, and negatives. I told him to go out and act crazy, go to a basketball game, make love with your girlfriend or your wife, go canoeing, or go to a good show, have a cookout, go visit your grandmother, visit somebody in a hospital, do positive things, don't do negative things. He continued to look at me with amazement. He couldn't believe that I was saying things like this. When I was done with my sincere advice, I sold him what he came in for and he left. A couple of weeks later, he came back and told me that I was the first person that had ever talked to him that way. He realized that he had a lot of people that loved him and that he knew that his mother would not approve of what he was doing and he didn't want to do anything to hurt her. I advised him to stay away from people who are getting high on drugs and to find himself a set of friends that get high on natural things. He thanked me for being instrumental in his decision to stop smoking pot, he bought some vitamins and he's been a customer ever since. By the way, he has a part-time job at a shelter where he teaches people to read and which he finds very gratifying. 

With any drug, you need to use more and more to maintain the high. My stepfather was a very nice man despite the fact that he was an alcoholic for most of his life. By the time he died, he had to drink a ½ of a case of beer a day just to maintain that high state. It was very tragic. People who do drugs claim that they do it to relax. That is just a fabricated excuse because there are plenty of ways to relax, including a good workout, taking a hot shower, drinking a glass of hot milk, or taking a bath before you go to bed. Many people feel the need to relax by doing drugs because they suffer from anxiety, but if most people would improve their diets by getting off of processed and refined foods, they would probably eliminate many of their mental problems. Rather than starting with a good diet and natural relaxation methods, many Americans seek counseling from psychiatrists who prescribe mind­altering drugs or shock treatments.

I've been touched personally by drug abuse because two of my very close friends died of drug overdoses and another close friend's alcoholism was so advanced that he was found dead in his apartment from drinking shaving lotion. It was tragic. There are a lot of people who are controlled by what is "in" and what is "out" in our society. Most people follow the crowd. Most people are afraid to say no. I find it very strange that being in the drug culture is considered being sociable. I once heard that if the addicts in this country quit taking drugs, it would shut down Mexico and Afghanistan and all the other countries that import illegal drugs. That shows that America is the dumping ground for all the illicit drugs in the world. The pervaders are just like the Mafia, supplying the want, the need and the market. So why are we blaming them and not blaming ourselves? Our government gives us the impression that they are the problem, the enemy. But it isn't them, it's us. We are the enemy within. One of the finest men and teachers in my life was an alcoholic, atheist and Jewish and he couldn't handle life, so he died an alcoholic. He once said to me, "Ron, you will see things in your life that will make you sick." Boy, was he right!

Some real idiot coined the term "recreational drugs". I thought that recreation was supposed to be a movie, or laughing, and doing fun and fulfilling things, not just getting high, staring off into space, slobbering and wallowing in ignorance. The drunks and the druggies get high and kill people with their automobiles. I guess it's not our business what they do in their own homes but when they drive high, it is our business. We are so lenient on drunk drivers. It's a proven fact that judges who use alcohol hand out har_sher sentences to drug users than they do drunk drivers. In many other countries, if you are caught driving drunk, you lose your license for a year. If you are caught a second time, you lose your license for good, so you may as well move to another country. Impaired driving is just not tolerated in most countries. When the fact is that a good 75% to 80% of all automobile accidents are induced by alcohol and illegal drugs, Americans should get upset, but it doesn't seem to bother anybody. The only reason that you are required to wear a seatbelt is because big insurance companies lobbied for it because of their cash outlays, not to save your life!

The frightening and accepted fact is that drugs, in the name of profit, have been around for as long as man has. In some cases, they are a part of native cultures that use them to control people and, in some instances, to control hunger. I refer to the providers of this garbage as "the bastards of the world". I include in this group the drug companies and psychiatrists who prescribe mind-altering drugs to adults and children and who still use shock therapy for psychiatric treatment. I know of only one organization that is fighting this, the Church of Scientology, which includes John Travolta, Tom Cruise and others who are taking a stand against mind-altering drugs. That church helps drug addicts and alcoholics and I don't see any of the commercial churches doing that. It is my understanding that the Church of Scientology fights psychiatry. The father of psychiatry was Sigmund Freud who was a cocaine and heroin addict. He was a pervert who hypnotized his female patients and raped them. The mind and mood-altering drug trade of the pharmaceutical companies buys influence without regard for what it is doing to people's lives. I keep wondering when it's going to end. 

If your readers will bear with me for a minute, I would like to discuss some world history. The Western world, like Rome, Egypt, and Greece, seems to want to take credit for all the great revolutionary inventions, disclosures and discoveries. The concept of good nutrition goes back 2500 years before Hippocrates to the Orient. It's commonly omitted from world history, especially by Western countries, that rockets, the compass, electricity, the martial arts, fingerprints, herbs and nutrition, the 12 steps to curing alcoholism, philosophy, math, surgery, mind control, and autosuggestion were all attributed to the Orientals. With regard to electricity, they knew 5,000 years ago that there were meridian lines around the earth. Again, we tend to omit that in history. Did you ever wonder why Eastern people are in such control? It's because they are taught mind control and autosuggestion and they think for themselves. In America, somebody else does our thinking for us, usually because they want to sell us something via magazines, newspapers, radio or the television. Orientals have such phenomenal mind control. I once saw an Oriental master, sitting in a relaxed position, close his mind to go into a trance in order to increase the size of his biceps by one inch. Just by thinking about it, he used his mind to push blood into his biceps and enlarge them. Now, that's mind control and we owe it all to the Orientals. Don't think that the west invented most things, because they didn't.

Now I would like to discuss the so-called lesser drugs of our society. These include coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, headache pills, and pain pills. The people who own the multinational corporations that sell these so-called legal drugs are no different than those selling illegal drugs because they want you hooked on their substance. Let's take coffee for instance: when I first started to work at GM, I was introduced to the guys I'd be working with and they invited me to have a cup of coffee. Since I didn't drink coffee, I was not part of the "in crowd". Most people have the Homer Simpson mentality, not wanting to buck the crowd or to be different, but I am not like that. The coffee manufacturers routinely spike their coffee with extra caffeine, as cigarette companies do with extra nicotine so that the end result and motive is that they will have you as a lifelong customer. They want to make sure that when you wake up in the morning, you can't get going without a cup of coffee. Coffee is a phenomenal stimulant that attacks the nervous system. Eventually, you need more coffee and more coffee and after a while it completely eradicates the function of your adrenals. But, of course, coffee companies don't care. Drinking coffee is just one of the first steps on the ladder of life that most people conform to in order to be like everybody else.

Alcohol and beer companies use a multitude of little tricks to get you to drink, sex being a big one of them. It's programmed into our society that when you are a certain age, you start to drink alcohol. When I was a child, my uncle helped raise me and was one of the controlling factors of my life because I didn't have a dad. We always used to go to the comer bar to watch hockey games. I observed that Uncle Bob seemed to really enjoy drinking beer or liquor and smoking cigarettes, so, I thought that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like him. When I was about 12 years old, I was coming home through the alley after ·school and several kids tried to lure me to try a cigarette. After much intimidation, I tried it and began to cough and gag and when I got home I puked my guts out. I wondered how my Uncle Bob could do anything like that! When I was about 13, my buddy and his brother coaxed me to drink a beer, at which point I again thought of my uncle as I wondered how he could drink something that smelled like cat urine. When I was 17 I tried scotch for the first time and thought I was drinking lacquer thinner. I called my uncle the next day and told him that there must be something mentally wrong with him because nobody could ever say that they actually liked that stuff. People often say that they acquired a taste for these things, but the truth is, they had to conform to what everybody else was doing. They had to go along with the crowd or else the crowd would have rejected them and nobody wants to be alone, away from the group and feeling insecure. That's why we do things like that when we are kids, so we can be accepted to the crowd, again, the Homer Simpson mentality. These things are very tempting to the people that have no discipline or confidence in themselves and no love.

When we drink alcohol or take drugs, we try to eradicate the pain of life. We have our ups and downs. We all know sadness and joy. I've heard people say that cigarettes are natural and that marijuana is nature's way of getting high. The truth is that anytime you bum something the combustion creates a phenomenal amount of toxic substances. There are something like 2,000 chemicals in marijuana and cigarettes. The virgin tobacco leaf is a very nutritious leaf, unfortunately, with what man has done to it through curing and chemicals and through burning it and inhaling it, it is certainly not a natural product. 

There are so many natural herbs and spices and essential oils that people can take instead of taking addicting prescription drugs and pain pills. There is DMSO, for a headache there's Feverfew, or you can rub essential oil peppermint on your temples for a headache instead of taking aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If you put all the pieces together from everyday living to bodybuilding, America is nothing but a drug culture. Everybody ignores Hippocrates' statement that the natural way is the only way.





The active chemical in marijuana (THC) acts directly upon the nervous system when taken into the lungs as smoke. The residue, like found in a pipe stem or cigarette paper, is taken into the lungs in the smoke, absorbed directly into the bloodstream and carried to all nerve cells of the body.

Not only does the smoke go into the lungs, but also the residue, which is the remaining part of the smoke separated from the carbon monoxide and the THC and left in the lung sacs. This residue is many times more dangerous to the lungs than cigarette nicotine and tar. It also takes much longer to clean out after use has stopped.

Much worse than the damage that marijuana smoking does to the lungs, is the adverse effects it has on the nervous system. The drug accumulates in the nervous system itself as a toxin, thereby degenerating the system in order to produce the euphoric feelings and reducing the ability of the neurons to transmit impulses.

This is the reason behind the so-called "spacing out" or drifting of consciousness. As the nervous system becomes more degenerated, the amount of THC needed to produce the euphoric feeling must be increased because the nerve cells lose sensitivity as they degenerate from the accumulation of the toxic drug.

As a result, one must increase the amount of marijuana used as time goes on, and use it more frequently to feel

"high". This is the nature of addiction or dependency on the drug, as even habitual marijuana users must go through withdrawal symptoms if they wish to stop smoking it.

As the nervous system accumulates the toxic wastes of marijuana smoke and as the overall nervous system degenerates, the less the individual is able to cope with the ordinary stresses· of life. Sounds of machines, cars or unpleasant situations cause over-reaction. Simple stress becomes unbearable. The hallucinations and consciousness changes experienced in the "euphoric high" are also results of the effect the drug has on the chemical balance.

The drug also degenerates the highly sensitive pineal and pituitary glands and can alter basic body functions such as hormone secretion and regulation of other glands in the endocrine system.

Because of the upset of the chemical imbalance, the use has an over-active nervous system that can bring nervous breakdown. The dangers inherent in the use of marijuana cannot be overestimated.

Besides the effects on the lungs and nervous system, there is a vital organ that also is damaged from the bloodstream - the liver. Because the liver works as a filter, the THC residue gets trapped in the liver's filtering lobules and accumulates along with other toxic particles that have been absorbed.

Habitual smokers have degenerated and weakened livers. This accounts for much of jaundice and hepatitis epidemics among hippies. It can also lead to sclerosis of the liver.

All of these disorders prove marijuana is a dangerous drug. It is dangerous to both physical and mental health. There is also a negative psychological effect of the drug. The smoker seeks to get "high". This is actually an escape from personal conflict with reality.

Under the influence of the drugs, the mind is unable to function normally. The consciousness is drawn away from intellectual and spiritual perception and pulled into sensory perception. The mind becomes dull and its activity is reduced to the sensuous, emotional level of body awareness.

The brain, too, is affected so that such things as walking and talking become impaired temporarily. The toxic THC accumulates in the brain cells and causes damage. The "spacing out" that smokers feel after they have stopped smoking for a while is the THC that has accumulated in the brain which gets activated again when the body tries to eliminate it from the system.

The fact that anyone should believe marijuana is desirable in their lives is a good example of how perverted the values of so many people are in this era of civilization.

If so many degenerated themselves by using a poison like marijuana on such a wide scale, then civilization must also degenerate to still lower levels since people make up society.

I believe any tendency to legalize marijuana because of the profit motive or inability to enforce the law is the price that civilized society had sold itself for. If marijuana is not curbed by law, which doesn't seem likely, the whole moral structure of society is undermined.

If children can no longer be protected from exposure from this harmful drug, nothing can prevent their deterioration at ages when growth and maturity are of the most importance. We need somehow to at least protect the young. This is the only hope of the future, the children.

Ron's note: Vince talked about the young children. Only good and caring men say these things. When was the last time that you heard anyone in bodybuilding say things like this? Our bodybuilding entrepreneurs say feed them sugar, hydrogenated oils, aspartame and lies.



Of course, Vince was not proud of the fact that he had about "with the grape". (See "The Wild Physique")

I'm not defending him for this, but he took full responsibility for his actions. I did a little inquiring about Vince along the way and discovered that he had a rather painful personal life, which I won't discuss, but other than that he stood alone and endured for many years while incurring the wrath and ridicule of his contemporaries who scoffed at his methods and attacked him viscously. Unfortunately, Vince was very human and was an extremely sensitive individual that covered it up with his fabricated gruffness! When he went "out of style and was dubbed too old" he closed his gym! After that, he had nothing to live for!



Now I am going to talk about something that I've always wanted to talk about and I think that the time is right because Vince is surfacing and becoming more popular; people now understand what he stood for and the abuse he took. Vince was a very truthful man. On your trek through life, the most important thing that you should search for is the truth. In every decision you make, you've got to search for the truth. If you ignore lies, then you are not really searching for the truth. Human beings have a conscious and when we do the wrong thing we cover it up and ignore our conscious. I've asked myself and other people if you've done something wrong or evil, would your mother approve of it? Think of your mother, if she were a moral, decent person, would she approve of what you're doing? Would the god that you worship approve of it? When Prince first came on the rock scene twenty years ago, he was singing songs about sex with your sister and he was using any sexual trick he could think of to sell his records. Now that he is 45 years old, he is lamenting about the filth and lies in the media and recording industry. As a mature person, his conscious is surfacing and he is admitting that what he did when he was 25 years old was wrong.

In the early '60s, everybody ignored the drug and steroid use in bodybuilding, even though they all knew that the participants who used these drugs were cheating. They ignored it to make money, they ignored it to become big, and they ignored it to appeal to some primitive notion that something beautiful has to be big. Vince's philosophy was that big does not represent might or beauty. Big sometimes can actually be grotesque. For example, I own a 2000 Corvette and I spent 18 months working on it to prepare it for the Detroit Autorama, which is the premiere show of custom cars in the world. I did not win in my class, but placed second, because I was competing against a Corvette that was trailered from show to show and always kept in a garage, unlike my Corvette, which I drive several times a week on regular city streets. The winning car had a $10,000 interior, a $20,000 paint job, and the undercarriage, and every part was chromed. I took 2nd place to this 1994 Corvette. However, what I did win for the whole show was the Street Achievement Award for Styling and Originality. In essence, what the judges said was that this little pee wee, two-seater car was number one over any of the huge, hulky cars for styling and originality. Prior to the Detroit show, I had won first place in all of my custom car competitions, with a string of some 30 victories, but that Styling and Originality award meant more to me than any first-place trophy that I had ever won. In keeping with Vince's teaching, it was not the size but the beauty that made it award-winning. And, of course, how did the physical culture in the '30s, '40s and '50s now go to a drug culture in the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, and the tum of the century? Not good!

Vince was only 5'8" himself but he trained many great bodybuilders. Years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the great "Austrian oak" was humiliated by a smaller guy named Frank Zane in a Mr. Olympia contest. Also, Mohammed Makaway, who was another little guy that was trained by Vince, beat a bigger man in 1982 or 1983 because Mohammed's physique was far superior. Unfortunately, politics entered the picture and Joe Weider gave the award to Samier Bannout. Although the contest was close, Samier Bannout won for two reasons: Samier was about 5'10" and Joe Weider's boy, while Mohammed was 5'3" and trained by Vince! No small man has ever won the Mr. Olympia. In the middle to late '50s, Vince had the most beautiful physique in bodybuilding because of his great definition and shape. Vince always preached shape. I'm sure that most people would rather have a 17-½ inch shapely arm than a 22-inch big arm with no shape at all. It's much like my Corvette that had a beautiful shape to begin with and I was able to just make it better.

There is a saying in the Bible that a prophet is not accepted in his own house. Other than in his own gym, Vince was not accepted in the California bodybuilding crowd. It took outsiders like the Europeans and the Canadians and guys like Allan Palmieri, Randy Roach, Doug Schneider, and me, who came from far distances to California, to accept Vince. For 25 years, I used to go out there to study Vince, his gym, Rheo Blair, Joe Weider, and the California scene. I observed that Vince was not a popular man in his own house. He was more lauded by foreigners than he was by his own contemporaries.

Vince despised steroid use, but, if he were to kick everybody out that was using steroids, there would be nobody left in his gym. He did, however, let everybody know how he felt about the use of steroids. Even Larry Scott, who was the only champion that did everything that Vince laid out for him, used steroids, despite Vince's warnings about the drugs. Vince didn't just ignore it like Joe Weider or Bill Phillips. I think that all the champions, including Arnold, Zane, Larry Scott, and Don Howorth would have been just as fantastic if they were 20 lbs. lighter, and had shape and definition. When I was a kid I saw Larry Scott and I was certainly impressed, but because of his steroid use, his face looked like a chipmunk. His steroid use, as well as that of many other bodybuilders, was both accepted and ignored. Some people point out that the bodybuilders back then were only taking 5 to 15 milligrams of Dianabol per day and that is nothing compared to what people today are taking. But the point is that they did not have to take steroids at all and that they would have still looked phenomenal, even at 20 pounds lighter. My heroes were Larry Scott, Frank Zane, Don Howorth, Mohammed Makkaway, and a host of other bodybuilders. But the fact is that even though they were heroes, they advocated drugs and took drugs and they cannot ignore the responsibilities of their actions. My comments may be unpopular and may alienate some people, but I feel that all of the people that I just mentioned have to take responsibility for what they did back then and how it has affected bodybuilding today. Keep in mind that progression of everything is normal; after 5mg comes 10mgs, after 10mgs comes 20 and so on until you have guys like Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman who are sticking so many needles in themselves with 100s of milligrams ofDecaduroblin, growth hormone, STH, HGH and so on that they are destroying their bodies. Although we are trying to minimize what these early bodybuilders have done, they have to be responsible for their actions because they are the fathers of what we see today. A lot of the top bodybuilders today have completely destroyed the natural hormone production of their testicles. Without mentioning names, many of today's bodybuilders have to take between 5 and 15 mg of testosterone per day just to survive. These people didn't know how to get big naturally, so they cheated. Vince, on the other hand, had an incredible physique from the time he was a young man until he reached his pinnacle at the age of 43 and he did it all naturally, never cheating. I will say that in defense of the early bodybuilders, they were just kids themselves, and, like Prince, they may be looking back, questioning their own youthful actions. We would all have more respect for them if they would publicly apologize and admit that what they did back then was wrong. I feel that they should openly discourage drug use for these new and upcoming bodybuilders because the old-timers are the heroes of many of them. Many of the bodybuilders today ·are freaky, what I call "pharmaceutical mutant freaks" because they are so grotesque, all due to the progression that started back in the '60s with steroid use. I think it's getting to the point that the type of physique that we are seeing today, with participants injecting products such as Synthol directly into their muscles, will repulse the average person so much that they will no longer purchase the magazines. Bodybuilding will sooner or later destroy itself. The promoters who have gotten bodybuilding to this point don't care anymore because they are wealthy now and can retire in luxury.

I'm sure that these old bodybuilding stars have not encouraged their own children to take steroids because they know the risks and hazards involved in taking them and they don't want to see their own children hurt. With that in mind, I feel that it is their @1Y to come forward to apologize and discourage the use of these drugs in all young people. It would set the tone for the resurgence of natural bodybuilding so that, hopefully, there would be no more young men losing testicles or bodybuilders dying from liver cancer due to steroid use. I encourage you to go on the many websites and appeal to the old-time stars to come out and say that they were wrong in taking these drugs. I would love to see you voice your opinion at websites like Doug Schneider's. I'm doing so by writing this article.

I want to discuss the ethics and conduct of some of the so-called great bodybuilding leaders, businessmen, and supplement companies. The inception of steroids actually began during WWI when German scientists wanted to quickly put weight on injured soldiers. In the '40s and '50s there was a man named Bob Hoffman who owned the York Barbell Company and he embraced weightlifting, as opposed to bodybuilding, because he hated bodybuilders with a passion. The physician for the York Barbell Team, Dr. John Ziegler, met a Russian doctor during one of the Olympics who turned him onto steroids. The East Germans and the Russians were using steroids heavily at the time. Consequently, he told Bob Hoffman about steroids and Bob turned his weightlifters onto them, bringing their strength up and breaking records. Bob lied to the public, telling them that the remarkable results were due to his new invention of "dynamic tension", the theory of pushing against an immovable object. He also attributed the dramatic achievements to the soy protein supplements that he sold, but we now know that the product was just a garbage protein. Remember, for years Rheo Blair advocated and sold soy protein and Vince always said that it was just crap!

As Bob's time passed, the new master of deception, Joe Weider, came along. Joe's ultimate goal was to make a lot of money using any methods possible. Through his fictitious Weider Research Clinic, he came up with a weight gain formula that was nothing but sugar. He also came out with another scam that was an orthomolecular waist belt, or some fancy name that he invented, and the theory was that as you walked, the motion of your body would activate this belt and bum the fat off of your waist. His scams were proof that he didn't have any ethics. He exploited Dave Draper, who was one of the really nice and decent people in bodybuilding. I met Dave just once at the old dungeon basement gym in Santa Monica and studied him, as I do people, and he impressed me as someone who practiced the "golden rule". Ray Raridon just loved him as a person and a friend. I received most of my information about Dave from Ray. As I understand, Dave settled out of court with Weider for a mere

$17,000 when, in fact, he could have sued Weider for millions of dollars. Weider took advantage of a lot of bodybuilders, discarding them after he had used them. I have to agree, to a point, with those people who say that Joe Weider did a lot for bodybuilding, but he also did a lot to bodybuilding. He turned his head to steroids and he, again, was one of the fathers of the freaky physiques we see in bodybuilding today. By the time he sold his muscle-building empire, his publication was just a drug magazine with ads and boobs, like many of the publications today. In my 25 years of going to L.A. and after speaking to many people, there weren't too many who had any comments of respect for him. I heard a lot of imitations of his high-pitched voice!

In the early '90s, Bill Phillips was the new king of deception and Vince just despised him for that. Because he was very slick in his marketing, he got a lot of press with his partner, Dr. Scott Connoly. Having someone with the magic word "doctor" supposedly added credibility to Bill's misinformation even though Dr. Connoly was an anesthesiologist and his specialty had nothing to do with bodybuilding. Bill was a self-described Mr. Know-it-all who really didn't know much about anything except steroids and how to market and deceive people. He called Vince and his methods "old-time" bodybuilding, which bothered Vince, but the truth is that Bill wasn't even worthy of carrying Vince's gym bag.

A couple of months ago, I received a copy of Bill Phillips' 1993 or 1994 Muscle Media 2000 from a customer of mine who casually knew Phillips. As I thumbed through the magazine, I was stunned to see pictures ofT.C. Leoma, who was the contributing editor of the magazine, crossing the Mexican border and buying steroid drugs. He wonders in the article if he should declare the drugs, or whether the border patrol will find the drugs on him. He is openly advocating drugs and telling the reader where to go in Tijuana to get drugs, and there are pictures of pharmacies that sell the drugs. It was unbelievable. I'm sure that all the parents appreciate that he is writing articles advocating going to Tijuana and buying steroids. Then there was an article by Keith Klein who discussed the evils of fat, especially the fat in eggs. He tells the reader how to make an egg-white pancake, egg white French toast, and egg white potato salad. He didn't even know that you can't digest protein without fat. He's writing an article that all the kids out there believe is true. A customer sent me some of Bill's products and a label of his MET-RX. It was no surprise to me that some of them contained harmful ingredients such as aspartame and hydrogenated fats. These two man-made synthetics have been linked to a multitude of detrimental effects on the human body. They are literally toxic poisons and, I feel, that anybody advocating or inserting them into consumable foods should be put in jail. This customer told me that Bill Phillips received some sort of Entrepreneur of the Year Award, but did the committee care to take the time to ask Mr. Phillips how all of the money was earned? I've seen this all too often in life, as I'm sure you have.

Hoffman, Weider and Phillips really never heard of the golden rule. They don't know what it is. Their purpose is to make money, at all costs. They all suffer from rich man-poor man syndrome, which means that they are rich in money and poor in ethics and respect. With regard to respect, the old adage is that the cream always rises to the top. Vince started his gym in 1948 and he died in 1997. The last time I looked, there were no tribute sights anywhere on the Internet for Bob Hoffman, Joe Weider or Bill Phillips. Will there ever be? I kind of doubt it, because they are not cream. But, there are 20 or 30 such sights, with an astronomical number of people, paying homage and respect to Vince. He really appreciated it when people said nice things about him, so when I would write an article about him, he would always send me a copy of a new manual and write, "Thanks for the Support, Vince Gironda". I cherish those manuals. 

P.T. Barnum said that there is a sucker born every minute and these three men, Bob Hoffman, Joe Weider and Bill Phillips, were just waiting for those suckers to be born so that they could make themselves rich through lies and deceit. Of course, most suckers are young people who will believe anything and are easily taken advantage of Joe Weider intentionally went after the 13 to 22-year age range, knowing that they were the average age of his readership and that they were easy targets. My partner, Paul, at the Powerhouse, used to say there are two ways to make money, "dirty money by lying and clean money by telling the truth!"

I must also say that there were some honest and ethical people in bodybuilding besides Vince, including Perry and Mable Radar, who were the original owners of Iron Man Magazine. They put out a very informative, truthful, honest, unbiased publication and they would allow everybody's opinions in there and, of course, truth is an extremely powerful weapon. They were credible people in the bodybuilding game who were able to stick to their beliefs without being influenced by the scam artists. I hope that everybody who embraces Vince and his methods and what he stood for will be able to pay homage to this inspirational prophet of bodybuilding.

Most of the entrepreneur businessmen who published the magazines were just takers, not givers. They surely took a lot of my money. Unfortunately, as we go through life, we hear more of con men than we do of honest people. These "bastards of the world" don't care about anything except their own religion, the religion of money. Stay away from these people and align yourselves with good, decent, honest people, and teach your children to do the same. I know that when I was a kid, bodybuilding was a religion to me, as it is to you and many other bodybuilders. Keeping in mind, in retrospect, that the original inception of the word religion means the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, whoever reads Vince's teachings will receive knowledge and wisdom. I've always said that the finest tribute that you can pay to anyone is to say I trust you, and you ·can trust Vince. He was a person who really cared. The prophet Gironda cometh and the prophet Gironda goeth and I must say that I still miss him terribly because he was a good, decent, honest person who influenced my life. I hope that he will influence your life because he is still around.

Let these words have an effect on you in your trek through life, "It's a terrible thing inside when your natural high has died!"



Ron Kosloff

Last note: I just received the 1st draft of a book written by Randy Roach of Waterloo, Canada called The History of Nutrition in Bodybuilding. Randy did his homework-It's fantastic- you're going to love it!

Dick Tyler's new book is entitled West Coast Bodybuilding Scene and he talks in terms of the utmost respect for Vince! Good book but no mention of steroids, which disappointed me!

Alan Palmieri's new book, Vince Gironda-Legend, and Myth is a gem. Alan also did his homework. Alan, you won't hear a "slam" this time! 

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