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Exoneration of Saturated Fats, Coconut Oil and Butter

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When I consult with customers my first question to them is “What are your goals?”…is it weight lose, is it improved strength and longevity or maybe more muscle mass? These goals drive my counsel. When research is done that guides the dietary practices of a nation the goals of the researchers should be to improve health maintenance and disease prevention. It should be indisputable, stand the test of time and have real world applicability. Saturated fats have, for more than a half century, been the epic antagonist of heart health in this country lead by researchers, academics, doctors and government officials who, through ignorance or a desire to line their pockets, have named fats the villain in our diets.

We are told that saturated fats are the villain when it comes to heart health and are to be avoided as much as possible. Foods like eggs, butter, coconut oil, lard, whole milk and animal meats should to be minimally consumed as to prevent cholesterol provision that would cause your LDL to rise resulting in subsequent risk of heart attacks and stroke. This is the infamous “Diet-Heart-Hypothesis.” This has never been substantiated nor proven and when one digs deeper into the subject they will be amazed to learn that saturated fats are actually very healthy and their utilization does not result in heart disease!

I am here to tell you that consuming saturated fats should not be feared and should be placed on the top shelf as a superior food to consume everyday. I consume them with other EFA’s, MCT, oils, dairy, eggs (4/d everyday!!) and my lipid panel and cholesterol profile always come back with excellent results.

Ten reasons why I recommend these fats:

  1. I am N=1 and living proof that these fats are completely healthy
  2. Ketogenesis and ketosis is a superior diet modality
  3. Carbohydrates are not needed for optimal health
  4. Fats are much more therapeutic to human health than carbs
  5. You eat less when your diet is high in saturated fats
  6. Saturated fats help with the digestion and assimilation of protein
  7. Healthy and harmless LDL rises with these fats, not the dangerous ones
  8. They do not cause weight gain, unlike carbs and starches
  9. The benefit of nutrition in treating psychological and emotional problems, and diseases is established and continues to emerge on lipid biochemistry
  10. We require fats, especially saturated fats, and have been consuming them since the dawn of our existence and they have been irreplaceable in keeping us alive!

Reach out to me for a specific diet plan to reach your goals. Thank you for visiting us and please add a comment.

Derrick NSP

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