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Vince on Diet and One of the KEY Nutrients You may be Missing...

I was never really a bodybuilder even though I was familiar with them. I grew up reading all of the old magazines. My childhood fell right after Arnold’s reign as Mr Olympia but at the height of his popularity. Conan and Terminator were huge. He had brought bodybuilding mainstream.

Frank Zane

The Golden Age of bodybuilding was a beautiful thing. When thinking about bodybuilding, we often think about the other icons of the 60s and 70s like Franco Colombo, Frank Zane and Larry Scott, Sergio O, men that competed in the old Mr. America and Mr. Universe contests. They represented the golden age, when their perfectly carved forms displayed true power the world have never seen before.

These guys spent hours dedicated to the iron. They used old fashioned hard work and clean eating to achieve big shoulders, huge arms, small waists, broad chests, defined legs and of course, low body fat. This was the era when V-shaped physiques was emphasized. Today, such physiques are very rare, as the modus operandi of the day seems to be focused on mass, anabolics and freakish size, at the expense of all else. Is bigger always better? Not at all- and especially when it means compromising your health.

Getting my body to look like that always seemed impossible. The broad cannonball shoulders, tiny waist, sweeping quads…none of it seemed like it would be in my future.

But I was ok with that. You may simply be looking for more health yourself without the desire to look like a walking Adonis. And there is everything right with that- a strong desire to be healthier and create a better look and lifestyle for yourself.

The great thing about NSP is that our foundation and the truths that we live by means that all hope is not lost when it comes to proper dietary supplements. There are some simple principles we can use today; ones that were used during that golden era to great effect. Ready to take a blast into the past (sort of?) then let’s go!

You already know The Iron Guru- Vince Gironda. He was the man that took all of the gentlemen that we named at the beginning of this article, took them into his sweatshop of a rustic gym, and blasted out routines and diet programs to help them dial it in.

Vince Gironda was one of the most sought after trainers during that era of bodybuilding because working with him meant getting results. Famous bodybuilders and celebrities reached their desired bodies with his help. He tested different routines and used his vast experience as a seasoned bodybuilder to develop cutting edge nutritional plans and workout regimens that suited everyone- which were nonetheless deemed as unorthodox and highly controversial by his peers of the day.

And many more.

When it came to losing fat, he was a firm believer that the fault lay in your diet and not the amount of exercise you were getting. The Iron Guru was the first person to believe that ‘your success in bodybuilding is determined by 85 percent nutrition’. Having said this, he developed several diet plans that made use of a high fat/protein macro split, and restricted consumption of carbohydrates, many variations of which are still in use today.

Of course, it is a difficult feat to accomplish body fat reduction while simultaneously building lean muscles, as the caloric requirements point in opposite directions. For this reason, there were different diet styles he crafted depending on the current state of the trainee, and his desired outcome.

Let’s explore One key over looked component…

One of Vince’s staple supplements was the Free From Amino acid. Free form amino acids are singular molecules, not attached by peptide bonds to other amino acids.

Crystalline free form amino acids do not need to be digested in the same manner that other proteins do. During my time as a nutritional microscopist- we would perform a live blood analysis. With a drop of blood we would take a look how a persons blood reflects level of nutrients, ability to digest key macro nutrients on a micro level (i.e. carbs/sugars, fats/lipids, proteins/aminos).

With a Free Form Amino they are ready to be utilized almost immediately without many of the hassles that food proteins cause. Food proteins, so called "predigested" protein hydrolysates and peptide bond amino acids require from four to six hours to digest, in an energy depleting process. Proteins from food are often poorly absorbed and many people struggle to break the protein spicule down, resulting in bloating and gas.

Free Form Aminos become available in the blood stream in a fraction of the time and can be utilized by the body immediately after exercise when muscles are receptive to nutrients and the flow of blood pumping through our bodies is higher.

If you haven't added these into your routine your holding back your progress. Quit stunting your growth. This is just one of the tools you need to take advantage of while you put in the work. Make sure you get a bottle on your shelf 


Andrew David

NSP Team


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Tom McCarroll DC

November 22, 2019


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