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Challenge Yourself at Any Age using Vince's Core principles

At NSPwe focus on principles derived by Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru.

When it comes to nutrition everyone has an opinion. Fad diets come and go and there is always the newest and hottest supplement on the market. All formulated to help the young and fit look great on the beach

But when you reach your 40’s and 50’s and beyond and none of it seems to have any effect on you and your results are never what you want, what then? What do you do? How do you find what will work best in YOUR life and why you should care?

Let me tell you about a conversation I had and why it mattered to me.

“Dad! You have a funny belly! Is that called a ‘muffin top?”

My daughter was young. She started giggling. I raced to grab my t-shirt.

That is where it all began

Two nights later I was standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror and assessing the damage I had done over the last few years. I was in shock. I just weighed myself for the first time in months. The scale had been sitting right there the whole time but somehow, I had convinced myself that I was doing alright. In my head at least, things hadn’t gotten that out of hand

But the numbers on the scale and the reflection staring back at me told a different story. There was no muscle definition. My skin was stretched for the wrong reasons. I had circles under my eyes. That muffin top looked more like an over baked loaf. Since I was finally being honest with myself, I could admit that I wasn’t sleeping well. My energy was sapped throughout the day. I was stressed and on edge all of the time.

How could I let this happen? When did I just stop caring?

More importantly was the question, “How could I change my health so I didn’t die young…”

Your story may not be told in the exact same sequence as mine, but I’d be willing to bet that some components sound familiar. We hit a certain age. Work takes too much time. We start and stop the process of “getting in shape” over and over and over again. We then quit the process because we don’t have the time or the motivation or family gets in the way. Or maybe you quit because your body is more sore than you’re accustomed to. You aren’t recovering the way you used to recover. You aren’t shedding weight at all. Muscles aren’t growing.

When did we get so old?

That day, standing in the mirror, I had a decision to make. The same one you have to make now. When will enough be enough and are you ready to finally make the change for good?

I decided to take control back. My food. My body. My health. It was time to change.

You see, I had an even bigger reason to get things in line. My dad. He had raised me reading Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazine. I knew all about Arnold and Frank Zane, Franco and Draper, Larry Scott and Sergio. For some reason though, my dad never followed the advice written in there. His weight yo-yoed, he struggled with stress and a belly. He was tired and frustrated all of the time. Sound familiar? What gave me the reason to be scared me the most though was what happened because of all of this.

My dad passed away at 48. I was on a fast track to join him. And I was determined not to do it.

So what did I do? And how can you do it?

It starts with the decision. And no one but you can make it. I made mine. It is time to make yours. Over the course of the next couple of posts we are going to dive into the nutrition and key supplements I used. And make no mistake- the teachings of Vince Gironda, the Original Iron Guru are going to come into play.

Vince was incredible. A visionary decades ahead of his time. And many of his principles were instrumental in my own transformation. He was the first trainer to Hollywood's elite, people such as Clint Eastwood and Cher. Vince Gironda even trained some of the Rock-star athletes that I had read about my entire life. So I figured it could work for me as well. He took the idea getting lean with low carb, high protein and high fat and made it popular among those in the game. He introduced enzymes and liver tablets into supplementation.

My fitness journey began a long time before it became a passion. I became a certified Nutritional Microscopist, a trainer and took part in some small fitness competitions. All of that was simply a byproduct of the journey I took to become healthy and live longer. One individual that played a role in my transformation was Vince Gironda. His maverick style, simple teachings and health initiatives spoke to me.

One basic principle that Vince espoused sang to me. Vince Gironda strongly believed that training is a privilege, not a chore. If you do not have the desire to be a great bodybuilder do not waste your (and his) time. Too many people see training as something that needs to be done, like homework. The truth is, this approach will get your nowhere fast. 

In other words, learn to love it or quit complaining. Go home and watch some more TV. Or find a gym that promises not to judge you. Because here we are after results and change.

I’m not Vince. He was one of a kind. He lived and trained decades before I was even a twinkle in my poppa’s eyes. Vincent Anselmo Gironda was born in the Bronx, New York, on November 9, 1917. When his father moved to Hollywood to work on the classic Ben-Hur as a stuntman, he brought the family along with him. Vince realized in his early 20’s he wasn’t cut out for stunts like his father and so he devoted himself to building a body sculpted by iron and hard work.

Gaining size for the big screen was soon superseded by an express desire to take it further and craft a beautiful physique. His gifted shape earned him kudos at Easton Brothers Gym in Hollywood, where he would develop some of his first training principals. After cementing a reputation as a top-line trainer and owner of one of the most impressive physiques of his day, he opened his own gym in 1948 and began expanding on the countless protocols that have made him famous.

Vince was a bit of an eccentric genius in his field. Some may not have always loved him and others may have never even heard his name. Here at NSP, founded on his teachings, formulations and principles, we are grateful he was as dedicated to his craft as he was.

In the next post- I’ll detail where I was physically when I began and what I changed. I explain how I went from close to 230 lbs with over 24% bf to a lean 205 and 8% bodyfat. Along with a focus on some of the best supplements to get you there yourself. You’ll learn exactly why Vince recommended what he did, where NSP came from, and why we will continue to do what we do as we provide nutrition to you in the form of amazing supplements.

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Paul R.

Paul R.

November 22, 2019

Bring it! Looking forward to NSP being a force in NATURAL training, diet, and supplementation again!

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