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Natures Balance

  • 14 min read

Ron Kosloff Article - Nature's Balance - Why You Must Not Destroy Nature's Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites





I remember years ago getting into a discussion with a medical doctor, which led to an argument, because he wanted to eliminate all bacteria, all viruses, all fungus and all parasites. He concluded that these.were the real cause of diseases and sickness. This is accepted allopathic and drug company thinking. We cannot eliminate these microorganisms simply because we would then upset Nature's balance. Nature is just a conglomeration of good things and bad things constantly battling each other. It's always a constant battle of the good guys and the bad guys, or, as we're taught, God and the devil. Similarly, human nature is that way. As a young child, I realized that there were two Ron Kosloffs. There was the good Ron who could be honest, benevolent, decent, truthful and forthright and then there was the bad Ron who could be dishonest, manipulative, conniving, and who could be a thief. That is the balance that all humans strive and struggle to keep in check. The Bible, the Koran and the Torah all teach us to keep things in the world in balance. Although nature created viruses, funguses, bacteria and parasites, it also gave us certain tools that we can use and things that we can do to keep ourselves in a healthy balance. These tools are namely nutrition and the immune system. Our immune systems can keep us free from any virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite because that is what it is designed to do, if given the proper nutrition. One example of nature's good vs. bad is acidophilus, the good bacteria in our intestinal lower tract and colon, which is constantly fighting yeast, bacteria, parasites and fungus to keep them in check. By the way, we do a marvelous job of destroying our good bacteria by eating white sugar and white bread, taking aspirin, antibiotics, and alcohol, as well as drinking and showering in chlorinated water!

In previous articles I have talked about the Back Plague in Europe in the 1500's that killed 25% of the people. You have to ask yourself why didn't it kill the other 75%? The people who got the disease lived in the city in filthy conditions where they ate processed, .canned meat and sweetened tea and sugared jellies and their immune systems were low. The people who lived in the country on the farm ate natural food with plenty of Vitamins A, C, D, E and nutritious protein, etc., all of which built up their immune systems and prevented them from getting the plague. Nostradamus, the insightful French astrologer and philosopher, cured people of the plague in the early 1500's by nourishing them. He gave them rose hips that contain vitamin C and bioflavinoids. He was feared and attacked by medical doctors (what's new!) for using nutrition and natural substances.

Viruses, fungus, parasites and bacteria are all part of our bodies. We can never get rid of them, but we can keep them in check and keep them from overtaking us by maintaining strong immune systems. Ifwe are under stress, not eating or sleeping right, we will get sick because viruses, being brilliant predators, hide deep in the cells and when they sense that our immune system is down, they come out and attack. If there were 5,000 viruses, bacteria and parasites in my body and, by being well nourished, I had 55,000 good immune killer system cells in my body, those good cells would keep the bad cells in check. Sounds too simple doesn't it? When we take vitamins, eat good food and keep our immune systems up, the viruses burrow in remote parts of the body and they incubate themselves, hiding dormant so the good cells can't get at them but they can't get at the good cells either. They will always be part of our body but they will always be in check as long as we have more good cells.

My teacher, Vince Gironda, impressed upon me that nature preaches balance. Look around you. If you look at the sky and the water and the sun, it's a combination of balanced things keeping the world in balance. Animals know that, the American Plains Indian knew that. Keeping things in balance doesn't come back to making money. Would an animal pollute his water, pollute his air, pollute his food? Of course not! But we do it for money, which 􀇏 the root of all evil.

When medical doctors go to school they are very young and impressionable. Drug companies, which run and control medical schools, tell them that they have to destroy viruses, bacteria and funguses with their high-tech modem drugs. They are led to believe that if they don't use these medications then we are going to "loose the battle". Despite all of his degrees, the doctor that I was debating with does not have a degree in common sense or one in nutrition. Medical doctors are not taught nutrition, preventative medicine or how to deal with the cause of diseases. They are taught only to deal with the symptoms by using modem drugs. When we go back 500 years to the history of allopathic medicine, practiced by our "accepted" medical doctors, the reason why they don't go after the cause of a disease is simply profit. In the U.S. today it has become extremely profitable for you to be sick! They often state that for many diseases, arthritis being one example, there are no known causes and no known cures. That is not true because everything has a cause and there is not anything that we can't cure ifwe work hard enough at it with the correct tools. Of course, drug companies and medical doctors do not want us to know that, because they really have no incentive to cure us of anything. They learned 500 hundred years ago to just keep dealing with the symptoms through what they call "miracle drugs". They think that aspirin is a miracle drug but really there are no miracle drugs. 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates told doctors to throw away their drugs and heal the people with food. Food is medicine. Medicine is food. Drugs are not medicine; they never were and never will be medicine. But, then again, this is just too simple as humans constantly complicate simplicity.

It has been proven, primitives the world over can carry viruses, parasites, bacteria, funguses and diseases, including some sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis, and, because their immune systems are so strong, they will not get these diseases, even though they carry them. They have phenomenal immune systems that are the by-product of a natural, live-off-the-land food diet. These primitives don't eat processed and refined food, or white sugar, white rice, white flour, hydrogenated fats, cookies, donuts, pretzels, Slurpees, Pop Tarts or Coca Cola. In the Amazon jungle there are families living next to the Amazon River who literally live in filth with flies buzzing around them. They live and eat on dirt floors in their hut. They don't bathe that often and they don't have detergents, deodorants, antibiotics, nasal sprays or any modem conveniences, yet they have strong immune systems and are very healthy because they live off the land. If we were to perform an autopsy on any of these people we would find that their livers would be free of pollutants and coal tar dyes and that they had been functioning properly. Their kidneys would also be functioning very well, with no toxins, and their gall bladders would have no stones and no thick bile, their stomach acid would be high, their arteries and their lymph nodes would be clean. So the bottom line is that they are clean on the inside and unclean, by our standards, on the outside. Now let's take the American counterpart. We are taught to use antibacterial soap, we are taught to wash our hands, we are taught to shower or bathe at least several times a week, we are taught to use deodorant, we're taught to keep our hair squeaky clean and to maintain clean living conditions, so, on the outside; we are very, very clean and sanitary. However, an autopsy report would show that we have polluted colons, colon cancer, our livers are ravaged with toxins, we have plugged up kidneys, our gall bladders are full of stones and thick bile, we have lymph nodes that are plugged up, and, more than likely, we have been on prescription drugs. Unlike the "unsanitary" Amazon families, we are clean on the outside and filthy on the inside. Another example is the Hunza mountain people of the Middle East who routinely live to 100 or 125 years of age and never took a prescription drug in their lives. Also, there are 3 other cultures that live equally as long.

As I explained to the young doctor, viruses, bacteria, funguses and parasites are part of nature's plan. Ifwe destroyed all of these disease-causing molecules we would die because our immune systems would have nothing to do. It's similar to when a bodybuilder takes steroids. A bodybuilder's testicles are capable of manufacturing IO to 15 milligrams of testosterone per day. Some bodybuilders and professional athletes take between 80 and 90 milligrams of a synthetic steroid per day, which causes their testicles to stop producing on their own, and, by doing so, their testicles atrophy and shut down. Once they die, they can never be regenerated, therefore, the bodybuilder has to take synthetic steroids for the rest of his life. We all know that long term synthetic steroid use can decimate the human body, not unlike how synthetic doctor prescribed hormones have caused menopausal women to have blood clots and heart attacks, as well as uterine, ovarian and breast cancer. For years, the drug companies misled women about the benefits of synthetic hormones. As Hippocrates said, the natural way is the only way. Again, too simple, but lies make lots and lots of money! I always ask the question, "Who is doing your thinking for you"? 

Now, I am going to give you an example that you should store in your psyche and remember when this discussion or argument comes up. When I lived on East Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit there was a stray dog and a stray cat that would come around everyday for years and I would give them liver tablets. These animals survived for many years living outside without commercial food, antibiotics or any veterinary care. They would follow their instincts and eat mice, worms and bugs and whatever they could find to survive. They had very strong immune systems. How is it that a dog can drink sewer water and not get sick? If you and I were to drink sewer we would probably get sick because Americans today have lowered the hydrochloric acid levels in their stomachs due to over consumption of carbohydrates. A dog, living on instincts, has hydrochloric acids that are very high, which prevents pollutants from getting into the dog's system. The hydrochloric acid will kill any virus, fungus, bacteria or parasite. Mother Nature had prepared this dog and this cat to survive. Domesticated dogs and cats eat our food and they eat grains that they shouldn't eat, which makes them sick.
(Read my article about the feeding of our domestic pets.) We could have stronger immune systems, as well, by nourishing ourselves and our children with the foods that God gave us. A simple rule of thumb is: if man made it, don't eat it. Certainly never go to a medical doctor and take prescription drugs, poisons, unless it's to save your life in an emergency. Again, for 500 hundreds years we have been on the wrong path by believing allopathic doctors and drug companies who have done us no good whatsoever, telling us that a miracle drug is just around the corner. But wait a minute; they have been saying that since 1900! Example: Since the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (Jerry Lewis' kids) was created in 1946 (58 year ago), they have collected trillions of dollars, and, so far, not a cure in sight. I guess they need 58 more years. 

Last but not least, manmade chemical antibiotics just don't work anymore. The medical profession and drug companies are scared to death because they know this. They have overexposed our whole world, our population and even animals to synthetic chemical antibiotics. They won't tum to anything natural because they can't patent anything natural and make money off of it. You can't patent Vitamin A, B, C, D, bioflavinoides, protein and nutrition. Which brings me to one of the most phenomenal natural antibiotics, called olive leaf. If you search the Bible you can find a lot of interesting things that pertain to nutrition. Olive oil was the anointed oil and was used quite a bit in biblical times, and still is today in Mediterranean diets. Nothing can touch the olive leaf or the olive tree. It's immune to bacteria and viruses. When you take the olive leaf, which you can take in supplemental form today, there is no microorganism that will stand up to it. Furthermore, no virus, bacteria or fungus becomes immune to olive leaf. It will destroy them on contact. But, of course, drug companies have covered this up. You never read anything in the paper or see anything on television about olive leaf, natural medicines or holistic doctors because drug companies and the medical profession control the newspapers and the television stations with their tremendously huge dollar influence. But they can't change the fact that the proof is in the pudding. When you have a virus or a cold, eat-eat-eat good food, take plenty of olive leaf along with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and then call me and tell me how it worked! Note: The ironic twist is that drug companies isolated the active ingredient in olive leaf, but, after spending millions of dollars, they couldn't make a synthetic drug that worked. 

So now, let's proceed with the crisis today. If you have taken note and been observant for the last 20 years, you would know that flu shots and immunizations have been growing and growing. The medical profession's answer to viruses, bacteria and diseases are to give more and more immune shots. But, since there are probably 5 bazillion viruses, are we supposed to take 5 bazillion flu shots for all those strains of flu? If we do this year after year after year, our immune systems will shut down because they will have nothing to do. Plus the fact that s.ooner or later, you are going to pay in the way of heavy metal poisoning, because each one of these shots has O. l 5 micrograms of mercury which goes into your bloodstream. As I've said in a previous article, autism was unheard of until immune shots became prevalent in the I 920's and 1930's. With the recent flu hysteria, the medical community is terrifying the public by saying that there are not enough flu shots for everyone, and the only alternative is to get the vaccine inhaler, which, of course, is very expensive. Unfortunately, out of fear and ignorance, people are willing to pay the price. 

Recent local newspaper articles report that 40 children in the Tri-State area have died from the flu. No doubt, if you saw what they ate, you would understand why they have little or no immune system. The same goes for our elderly who are being fed junk in the nursing homes. We also wonder why the West Nile Virus and the SARS Virus have affected so many. It's because of all the garbage that we are eating. Society today doesn't want to talk about eating good food to build our immune systems. When a child or an animal is born, the human or animal mother secretes colostrum to trigger the immune system. If there is no reason to trigger our immune system, we will destroy it. I can't remember in the 20's, 30's 40's and 50's when there was this hullabaloo and total panic over getting flu shots. 

I do nutritional consultations on a semi regular basis and I go into people's homes and observe them and their families. Children today are living on total garbage. A few weeks ago I did a consultation on a couple while their child was sitting there drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew, with a bag of potato chips and a whole bowl of M&M 's. That garbage wouldn't build anybody's immune system, especially a child's. What I later found out was that this child was always sick and the parents didn't have a clue why. After I did a scan of their refrigerator and pantry, I was able to point out the reasons why they were getting sick all the time. I also recently got a desperate phone call from a woman I'd known years ago. She told me that her 7-year-old son had double pneumonia and now the flu on top of it. After hearing what his diet consisted of, I concluded that he, too, eats nothing but junk. Our immune system is our lifeblood to constantly fight the battle between the good guys and the bad guys. As time goes by, our food supply is dwindling to just filling up our stomach with nothing. The sweet manufacturers pick on children because the sugar industry partially controls our food supply. If we tum on the television on Saturday morning, we see a conglomeration of garbage, such as potato chips and pop, sold to children. Read the book, Fast Food Nation, it will shock you! The corporations who advertise this stuff are what I call the enemy within. They know exactly what they are doing when they go after our children to influence them and brainwash them. We never see any advertisements for meat, eggs, fish or chicken on Saturday mornings. It has always been my feeling that these people should be put in jail for poisoning our children. I feel the same way about the corporations that take our jobs out of the country and go to third world countries where the workers make l/20'h of what we make here. What truly bothers me is the unprecedented greed. These corporate bosses want record profits continuously. First 1 billion, then 2 billion, then 3 billion, etc. Recently we've seen first hand examples of corporate greed with Enron, Savings and Loan, World Com and the Stock Market. Now, guess who tops all the profits in the WORLD. That's right, drug companies! They fall into the same category of greed, where they have no allegiance to anything but money. They want us to be aligned to the flag and to vow to be good Americans, but they don't practice that. They don't care that they are addicting our children by putting 13 teaspoonfuls of sugar in a pop, they don't care that they are depleting our immune systems. Their impetus is profits and keeping the economy going strong. 

I recently talked with a man who said that when he lived in West Virginia as a child, he would be encouraged to get diseases because they knew that their immune systems would only prepare them to fight diseases in the future. There was one child whose Mom was always terrified of diseases, like Howard Hughes, and she would keep him in the house, yet he was always sick. This gentleman and I both agreed that children should be exposed to viruses and communicable diseases and that they should be encouraged to eat good food to fight these diseases. Today, all we hear about is the flu shot and hand washing. We hear nothing about nutrition. That's because the drug companies have corrupted the medical schools; they control the giant health care system and through their great influence, they have gotten to the politicians on all levels so that the politicians will advocated flu shots for everyone. Sounds like payola to me. 

I strongly encourage you to get the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price, who was a nutritional advocate and a dentist. He traveled the world to study what deficient diets would do to primitive people. He would take primitives who ate natural foods and didn't have any sicknesses and introduce a Western diet of processed and refined foods, white sugar, white flour, white rice and hydrogenated oils. He then observed how their health would deteriorate in a very short time, introducing diseases that the primitives had never heard of or experienced. It's a wonderful book that will give you some insight into what I have discussed here. 

Remember in a previous article I told you about my friends in California whose·son is 10 years old and has lived on a natural food diet since birth. He has never been sick or had the flu in his short life. Now, you know medical doctors and the drug companies hate that! I now assume that you think I'm somewhat angry. Well, you are right. When the powers that are merely look upon you and your children as just a profit for them, you bet I'm angry! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime. 

Thanks for your ear!, 



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