NSP Nutrition Show #8: Breaking A Plateau And Different Strategies To Get Adequate Protein!

Welcome To Episode #8 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman and Frank discuss Vince Gironda’s famous ‘hormone precursor diet’ and how you can optimize your recovery for mind-blowing muscle gains!


You can check out the video or audio only version of the episode below:




In this episode, you will discover: -


  • The simplest method most guys can use to smash their frustrating plateaus without spending a single cent!

  • The hidden danger of being too enthusiastic about your training and how it can disrupt your muscle growth

  • Why Arman does not recommend ‘straight sets’ for everyone and how they can actually slow down your strength and muscle gains

  • The perfect duration for your training session and why any longer than this is counterproductive!

  • Arman’s super simple approach to ALWAYS hit your daily protein goal (you MUST hear this this if you struggle to consume enough protein)

  • The shocking truth about what happens to 50% of the protein you consume

  • Which ingredient you only need to take 5 grams of post-workout to maximize muscle building
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