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Life Chart

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This life chart is designed to demonstrate the differences in health and longevity simply by understanding your own dietary and nutritional habits.

The initial process starts in the Anabolic state, age 0 (birth) to approximately age 28 (plus or minus), when all of your hormone levels reach their peak. From age 28 to approximately plus or minus 32 years of age, you are at your absolute best. At this point, you start to literally “wear out”, as hormone levels reverse, therefore falling into the catabolic state. Diet and nutrition are the only things that can control this descent into the rapid, mild, or slow catabolic states.

Simply stated, if you take responsible care of yourself, and practice a natural diet with good nutrition and supplementation, your benefits will be many.

Some dietary pluses are lean meat, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. The dietary negatives are white flour pancakes, cookies, pies, sugar cereals, pretzels, donuts, pizza, pop, candy, hydrogenated oils, pasta, lunch meat, canned foods, alcohol and fast food.

These products are not food, they are processed and refined to extend shelf life and have zero nutritional benefits. What’s your choice?

Remember, Hippocrates said, “nutrition is health, and food is medicine, and medicine is food.” Contrary to what our medical “experts” say!

Thank you, Ron Kosloff